The razor’s edge…

Posted by on February 22, 2013 at 5:03 am.
Ginger Dressmaking shears - 8"

Gingher Dressmaking scissors – 8″

I’ve known about Gingher products for about thirty-six years…

My mother owned a pair of Gingher dressmaking scissors.  I was fascinated by them, they were stainless steel, very smooth and oh so shiny! Since the blades were razor sharp, I wasn’t allowed to use them without supervision.  After all, I was only six-years old. My mother watched me like a hawk as I carefully cut through fabric. The blades sliced through anything as if it were melted butter. Those scissors aided me in creating a lot of outfits.

Eventually my mother let me have those scissors. I’m guessing because I used them more than she? When I was a child she mainly sewed out of necessity. She didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as myself. The Gingher scissors I inherited from here are small. But, I’ve always wanted to purchase a much larger pair. I just never got around to making that purchase. I mainly use quality rotary cutters for a lot of my fabric cutting, but in some cases nothing beats good quality scissors. Well, my small Gingher scissors will now have a big sister since I purchased much larger pair of Gingher scissors!

I’m willing to spend a bit extra for them since they last much longer than the cheap quality plastic handled scissors you can purchase for a few dollars. Over time, the scissors pay for themselves since I don’t have to keep purchasing those poor quality scissors. I’ve used my Gingher scissors for over thirty years, and am looking forward to using the new pair for a long time also. Great product, excellent company.


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