They say death comes in threes…

Death comes in threes…

This is a superstition, that I’ve heard throughout my life and while I’ve seen it with others I never experienced  it on a personal level until recently.

Last week, one of the older family friends died. She was 91 years old. Also my father’s cousin passed away, she was in her 60’s, and my aunt (my mother’s sister and the one with the brain tumor) died this past Friday. She was 76 years old.

Out of the three, my aunt is the one I saw the most and it has affected me more than the others. I haven’t shed any tears over her death, that doesn’t mean I don’t miss her. I do, I’m just not the type that cries. I imagine the funeral will be packed. My aunt was involved with a lot of outreach ministries through her church. She stayed active. I’m happy that she’s not suffering anymore and I know I’ll see her again in heaven.

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curls and q

Q – My condolences to you and your family. Quite a blow for your family.
curls and q recently posted..What To Do! What to Do!


I’m so sorry for your losses! You and your families are in my prayers!
Jennifer recently posted..I’m Alive – Life Has Gotten In The Way!


So very sorry to hear of your loss but happy that you know you’ll be united with her again in heaven.

My prayers go out for you and all who lost loved ones.
Nicky recently posted..Radio Silence for The Next 26 Days!


My condolences on your bereavements. Don;t think it’s death…but bad luck that comes in threes…or is it good luck? Can’t remember now. Old brain’s not that good anymore. 🙁
suituapui recently posted..Dinner is served…