Three day weekend

Posted by on October 21, 2011 at 3:10 pm.

Because of a teachers in-service, my daughter is out of school today. Naturally, I’m planning on squeezing tons of activities into her three-day weekend.


Yesterday, we made a quick stop at the library. About a week ago, I’d requested books for my daughter, and they arrived at the library. When I checked yesterday, I noticed that was the last day to pick them up. Whoops, so off we went to pick up her books. My daughter is a big R. L. Stine fan, and that’s the books were available. She had her nose buried in one of those books as soon as we hopped into the SUV.

This day has been spent making crafts, reading, and hanging out together. Tonights menu will be my normal theme; simple, nutritious, and delicious. My daughter has requested finger foods for dinner, and so I’ll be preparing Vegan wontons, black bean hummus, and I’m making pineapple kiwi  smoothies. Quick meal, fast clean up, which is just how I like it.



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