Too cold for honeybees

Posted by on April 6, 2013 at 4:39 pm.

It appears it’s too cold to get honeybees, at least at the place where I ordered mine. Those who ordered early will have to wait a bit longer. But this shouldn’t affect me since I’m in the late shipment. I don’t expect my honeybees until early May.

Here in Maryland, it’s still a bit cool and on some nights the temperature has dropped down to in the 20’s F. Since the bees are shipped in from the South, where it’s a bit warmer, extra steps would have been needed to make sure my girls survived our unpredictable nights. You know what? I’m so glad that designing costumes for the Passion Play prevented me from getting them locally. Now that I think about it… I wonder if the honeybee shipments from the local beekeeper are delayed also?

I’m still apprehensive about having ordered my honeybees online, but the site has received excellent reviews so I just need to get over picking up my honeybees from my local post office.

I can’t wait to post pictures of my girls in their new digs. My main reason for purchasing the honeybees is for pollination. I have no plans of fooling around with their beehive for quite a while. I’m going to let them do their thing and I’ll make sure I plant flowers that they’ll just have to visit.


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