Triple treble crochet aka double treble crochet

Posted by on November 3, 2012 at 3:02 pm.

I stumbled upon triple treble crochet by accident..

Last December, when I l learned to crochet,  after learning the basic stitches I just did my own thing. I called it ‘playing with stitches’. While playing with stitches, I would do various yarn overs, to see how it would look. It was a lot of fun for myself, playing around with crochet, not being concerned about following a pattern. I just wanted to become comfortable with holding a hook.  Fast forward a month later, and I learned that one of the stitches that I adored is called, triple treble crochet! And while triple treble crochet wasn’t new to me, when tackling this scarf, making the double double treble group was…

So while this video isn’t how to make the double double treble group (ddtg) it’s helpful for those wanting to learn how to make the double treble crochet (dtc) aka triple treble crochet (ttc).


You want to know something, the crocheted scarf I’m making would have come in handy at my daughter’s outdoor soccer game this morning. My daughter and I both took a nap, shortly after arriving home from her soccer game. It was chilly! 30F/+1.1C And the wind was blowing which made it colder.

In hindsight I should have brought one of my super thick crocheted or knitted afghans. It would have kept my legs nice and toasty. Cool weather is a great time to flaunt your yarnie creations. My daughter was rocking her knitted owl hat on the soccer field.

It’s time to correct my mistakes with the lovely crocheted scarf. Admittedly, mine isn’t looking too lovely at the moment, but it will once I correct my mistakes, and you better believe I’ll be wearing this scarf! Remember how I mentioned that most animal fibers make me itch, well I’ve found a wool brand that my skin tolerates, and it’s Patons Classic Wool!


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