Two festive WordPress Christmas Plugins

Posted by on December 19, 2011 at 5:27 pm.

Can you believe it? This year is almost over. Since I’ve done almost everything for Christmas, the only thing left for me to do is relax.┬áLater this week, I’ll be posting a few pictures of the Christmas lights I’ve hung, along with the Christmas tree that we have. It’s not a live tree. While my real home is very festive, I’d neglected to spice up my virtual home for the Christmas holidays — until now.

Earlier today, I added two WordPress Christmas plugins to my site. I took screenshots of the WordPress Plug Ins from the admin perspective, so you could see what they look like. I like them, since it brings a festive touch to my virtual home.

Word Press Christmas Plugins

    WordPress Plugin Christmas

  1. Wp-Christmas (Download Here)

    Aren’t those snow folks cute? I owe it all to the WordPress Plug in Wp-Christmas. I thought the snowmen animation was adorable, along with the message Wish you a Merry Christmas, so naturally I installed this WordPress plugin. This plugin also has an option for you to add customized messages, and so I’ll be hanging onto this one after the holidays end. next year I’ll be having a few contests on this site, and I already have a few ideas of the type of messages I’d like to create with this addon.

  2. WordPress Plugin Snow Balloons

  3. Snow, balloons and more (Download Here)

    Do you see the falling snowflakes on my site? The WordPress plugin, Snow, balloons and more is responsible for adding the virtual snow to Celebrate Life. What I like about this WordPress plugin is there’s a variety of images I can choose. Although the majority of the images included are Christmas based, there’s other images like balloons and leaves. You also have the option to incorporate your own customized images to this plugin. Later on, I’ll be taking advantage for that feature.

I wouldn’t have known about these WordPress plug-ins if I didn’t follow The WordPress Experts via their RSS feed. If you’re a WordPress user, or thinking about making the switch to WordPress, I highly recommend following this site. It’s chock full of helpful information that will benefit WordPress users of all levels.

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