Upcoming birthday; just around the corner…

Posted by on April 11, 2013 at 12:13 pm.

It’s hard to believe that this May my daughter will be ten years old. Because she’s such a talented artist, she usually receives something craft related so she can let her imagination soar. This year she’ll be ecstatic since I’m going to give her my Brother SE400. It’s the perfect first machine since it sews and embroiders.

My daughter has asked to “borrow” this machine a few times already since I purchased the sewing/embroidery machine in January 2013. She likes that she can sew and embroider with one machine.  I’ll have to purchase a sewing table to set into her room. I must say I’m looking forward to seeing her expression when she sees the machine in her room. I purchased an extended warranty, so even if it gets “sick” she’ll be up and running with her sewing machine in no time.

Currently she’s only sewn small things, but this weekend she’s stepping it up by making a simple skirt. She’s helping me draft a pattern (might as well teach her pattern drafting) and hopefully she’ll be able to finish the skirt this weekend.

Brother PE770

Of course this means I’ll be without an embroidery machine, but I plan to upgrade to a Brother PE770. It takes a larger hoop 5×7, the Brother SE400 only takes up to a 4×4. I have a few other things planned for my daughters birthday and with the exception of one Monster High doll, the other items will either be made by myself or involve me adding to her crafting stash. I love that my daughter enjoys creating thing with her hands!


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