Updates; Back online, family room renovations, and Knit Picks interchangeable circular needles have arrived

Posted by on July 19, 2012 at 9:12 pm.

Today, is my first time online since early Monday morning. Why?

Renovations were going on at our place. Of course it was in the family room. Which happens to be where the desktop computer is located. I do most of my work from my 17″ MacBook Pro.  Everything in the family room was temporarily located to the living room, while the carpet was stripped, and the wood floor was laid down. Oh, the room received a new paint job too. The family room looks completely different, and now has a wood floor. Which means, our entire house has wood flooring with the exception of the kitchen and bathroom, those have marble tile. I won’t miss vacuuming or steam cleaning at all!

I didn’t feel like getting in the contractors way to hook up my laptop computer, and I didn’t feel like doing that with my desktop either. I’d be in the way after all, since the room was getting a lot of attention. Because of this, my computers were offline for four days. I logged back online a few hours ago. I must say I didn’t mind the break. Of course, during the time I was off the net, My 17″  MacBook Pro started to act nutty. I’m getting a constant spinning wheel, once I log onto the computer. I didn’t notice that until a few hours ago. Since I don’t feel like fixing it this evening,   I’ll be checking it out, and hopefully it will be back to normal soon.

Ravelry pattern testing

Of course this means I’m delayed in some of my fun projects, such a a simple pattern test on Ravelry. The pictures are there on my computer, I just can’t get to them at the moment. I can’t take more and post them on Ravelry since I’ve already given the item away. Sighs Oh well, I’ll post the pictures tomorrow, after I fix my computer.

Knit Picks nickel plated circular needles arrived

I also received my Knit Picks order, and it arrived two days earlier than scheduled! I must say that I love my Knit Picks interchangeable nickel plated needles. I’m currently working on a special case to hold my crochet hooks and knitting needles. The case will take a while to make, since I’ll be doing some intricate stitch embroidery on the case also. My overall impression of the Knit Picks interchangeable needles is great. I really enjoy the cable compared to other circular that I’ve used. They’re soft, flexible, and don’t retain a coiled shape, which is a blessing to knit with. I’ll be purchasing additional circular knitting needles soon.

I’ve already made a few items with my new knitting needles, Let’s see I finally made a pair of slippers for myself. They’re cute knitted baby doll slippers, I also made a lace bedspread for my daughter’s Monster High dolls. So yes… you could say my new Knit Pick Option needles have already seen a lot of knitting action. The fact that I haven’t knitted with anything else should be an indication of how much I like them! Straight or circular knitting, it doesn’t matter, it’s all been done with my Knit Picks circular needles.

I enjoyed my time away from online activities

While away from the internet, I did accomplish a lot of work for my clients, a ton of gardening was done, along with other yard work to keep our yard looking pretty. Oh I also read Lisa Unger’s, Heartbroken. It’s her latest book. I loved it, I’ll write a review about it soon.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to post a few pictures of the items I’ve knitted with them, but first I need to get my MacBook Pro back to normal since I hate working on this desktop.

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