Vacation Bible School; one busy week

Posted by on June 20, 2012 at 9:20 pm.

This week we have Vacation Bible School at our Lutheran church.

Initially, my daughter didn’t want to go; she’s like that with new situations, but I told her to check it out on Monday to see what she thought. She loved it! A lot of the children from her school are there, and naturally she sees kids that go to the church also. While the week has a religious theme, there’s more to it than that. So many activities going on such as crafts, games, and a time to hang out with other people.

Of course… I gave her the gentle reminder of always checking out something, or doing independent research, before you make an opinion, because anything else is simply ill informed.

She’s been chattering about VBS nonstop since it began, and I’m right there with her volunteering. I’m not in her group; I’m with the fifth graders.

And my daughter has a new hairstyle. She’s sick of wearing her hair in braids, she told me that was for little kids, and so I’ve styled her hair differently. Is this what I have to deal with now… All this hair tossing? I’ll have to take pictures, and perhaps post a few here on Celebrate Life.



  • Jennifer says:

    Sooooo glad she’s having a good time at VBS! I can’t wait to see her hair!
    Jennifer recently posted..U R U – Shine!


  • Angela@Angela bloggt says:

    Wow! I bet you have had such a great time there! When I was a child I’ve been always sceptic with these religious summer camps, but I’ve always enjoyed them and have got some really nice and long-lasting experiences.
    Angela@Angela bloggt recently posted..Eine wundervolle Stadt: München


  • Sarah @ click here says:

    Good on you for persisting and encouraging your daughter to try out new opportunities. My children will also reluctant to go initially however once they got there and realised how much fun they could have they were excited to go back the following year. Looking forward to seeing pictures of her daughters and her style! Keep up the great posts.


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