Vegan (Eggless) Eggrolls and honey ginger sauce…

My daughter loves when I prepare eggrolls.

Now that I think about it, they really aren’t “eggrolls.” I make my own wrappers and don’t add eggs to them. So they’re “eggless eggrolls,” right?

Veggie Eggrolls.10.5.13_1

Regardless, these vegan eggless eggrolls turned out really well. Let’s see cabbage was in them, carrots, sprouts, beans and some other veggies.

My daughter was extra proud because she helped fill the wrappers with a variety of vegetables and once it was time to cook them, she took over.  I normally bake our eggless eggrolls but on this day they, she pan fried them in a skillet.

Veggie Eggrolls.10.5.13_2

After they were finished, she proudly arranged them in one of my glass pyrex storage dishes. She was a bit disappointed that some were “too brown,” but I assured her that they were fine.

I also showed her how to make a honey ginger sauce that could be used as a dipping sauce for the eggrolls. Chock full of vegetables and a few spices, these rolls are quite flavorful on their own, but she was determined to make a sauce with them.

This wasn’t a recent dish, these were made at the beginning of this month. They were made a few days after my birthday. Looking at the timestamp, on the picture, these were made on 10/5/13. I’m just getting around to posting them now. Yeah… this has been a busy month and the next few months will be even busier with everything that’s happening. However, I’m managing to find that balance.

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Well, these look and sound awesome and I could totally go for some right now!

What (kind of oil) did you use for Frying?
Jennifer recently posted..Veggie Stew, Farmers Market Close, Lentil “Cream Cheese” Spread, Fall Weather, & Smoothies


I have been getting into Organic Coconut Oil as well! I started with the VitaCost Brand and then found some of Ziggy Marley’s Almond Citrus and have only used that once so far but hoping to use it again VERY soon!

I believe I used Ziggy’s in a Rice Dish. Let me know if you have other thoughts with the Almond Citrus Flavor and I will try it!
Jennifer recently posted..Fake Meats, Vegan Casseroles, Awesome Vegan Buffalo Sauce, Smoothies, Apple Adventures


Oooo…looks good. My daughter would love this – she loves anything deepfried. I think our Chinese popiah (spring roll) is egg free too, if I’m not wrong. Yet to try my hand at making those mushroom rolls at one cafe here, the ones that everybody likes a lot.
suituapui recently posted..Keep tryin’…


im hunggry after read this article 🙁