Versatile blogger award, linkage, and seven things you might not know about me…

At Celebrate Life you’ll notice that I write about a variety of topics.

The reason is simple, sticking to one topic would bore me to tears…

Not everyone likes that approach, and I’ve had a few blog buddies tell me they wished that I’d stick to one subject… nope, not going to happen, that’s not me. I enjoy writing about a variety of topics.


Versatile Blogger

I’ve received The Versatile Blogger award…

This is the first award for this site, and so that makes it extra special.

I would like to thank Michelle, of Will Knit for Food, for nominating my site. When I first stumbled upon Michelle’s site, I couldn’t help but smile… Will Knit for Food… I’m betting many of us have thought that about something we enjoy doing. Then there are the fortunate ones that have been able to turn their craft into a business. Michelle’s a talented knitter and sewer, just look at her in that dress, isn’t she lovely?

Ok, moving on to the requirements for the award…


Versatile Blogger Award requirements

Here are the conditions of The Versatile Blogger Award:

  1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
  2. Include a link to their blog.
  3. Next, select 15 bloggers that you follow regularly or have recently discovered.
  4. Nominate those bloggers for the Versatile blogger-award.
  5. Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself. 

Since I’ve already thanked Michelle for my Versatile blogger award, it’s time to nominate others…

I am not going to award as many bloggers. I think I’ll change the number to five, ok? This post should have been completed a few days ago. However, I do link out to bloggers a lot, so if you follow my site, you’ll be sure to see other bloggers mentioned.

Blog update cartoon

Celebrate Life’s Versatile Blogger Nominees…

Suituapui of Still Crazy after all these Years

I’ve been following Suituipai for a few years. Suituipai lives in Sibu. His posts are entertaining, and I’m frequently introduced to a food that’s new to myself, such as the jungle fern; that’s he’s posted about many times now. Suituipai is also entertaining, and makes his virtual guests feel welcome.

I love the fact that he takes the time to read the many comments left by his guests. 

Nicole of D’Nali

I’ve met Nicole through one of the crafty blog hops that I participate with, and I’ve been following her view my RSS feed reader.  I enjoy her writing style, and the crochet she shares on her site, including her commitment to start making her Christmas presents early. I’m with you on that, I’m doing the same.

My only regret, is she doesn’t write more; selfish… I know.

Kathleen of A Surprise Every Time

Kathleen’s a talented fiber artist, and I love to read what’s going on in her fiber world. Her posts are entertaining, and feature many of her talented crochet designs, she also makes the most adorable amigurumis.

Her comments on my site, have always been encouraging for me as a newbie crocheter, thank you Kathleen!

Andréann of Aux Demilunes; Every Single Day is Magic

I enjoy stopping by Andréann’s virtual home, she writes about her love of creating, which is evident in the variety of fiber art, which is regularly displayed on her site, take for example, the gorgeous handmade doll, knitting and sewing were combined to make this simply adorable doll. I also appreciate that she writes about her daily life. That’s refreshing!

Currently one of her children isn’t feeling well, so I hope he feels better quickly.

Mike Goad of Exit 78

I’ve followed Mike’s blog since perhaps 2008? It’s been a while…

Mike and his talented wife Karen (she makes gorgeous hand-sewn quilts) enjoy wide open spaces as much as myself. He’s shared many of their road trip adventures through his site. Mike shares plenty of photography photos to keep his readers entertained.

He also loves history, as do I, check out his website that focuses on the American Civil War site. This site features daily written account of the Civil War, by those living during that time.


I’ve always loved Calvin & Hobbes; this is one of my favorite strips.

Seven things you might know know about me

  1. I work from home; I have a few business sites that are monetized, and I write; online and print publications. The amount of money I make has been enough to keep me working at home since 2005. I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning, not as much now. Can you make money online? Sure but it’s a lot of work, with my business sites, I don’t write about how to make money online, but they do make money. 🙂
  2. I’m a single mom. When I was two months pregnant, my daughter’s father, was killed in a car accident. Naturally that was unexpected. I’m slowly starting to think about possibly dating again; nine years later. Yes, it’s taken that long to heal. I’m not rushing into anything, nor am I actively seeking one.
  3. I’m a Christian Lutheran. My faith is part of whom I am, so occasionally it comes up in my real life and online chatter; it’s an interest of mine, so as with anything else I’m interested in, I talk about it; no shame here.
  4. I enjoy helping others, because of that I’m involved with a lot of outreach ministries through one fabulous organization; my Lutheran church. My church is predominantly White, but our doors are open to everyone. It’s not just a saying. I’m there after all, and quite a few other ethnicities consider this their church home. We’re welcome there. I appreciate that my church practices what they preach; reach everyone — not just those that are similar to you; step out of your ‘comfort zone. 
  5. I enjoy staying in shape. I was planning on competing in Figure competition, but I kept gaining a few pounds. Turns out I was pregnant with my daughter. A surprise yes, but the best gift I’ve ever received.
  6. I enjoy extreme sports. My favorite extreme sport is skydiving, and I’ve been several times. That came to a halt when my daughter was born, however, I’ve told her when she gets older. I’ll take her on a few jumps. She’s excited.
  7. I love insects. My daughter and I regularly go on insect hunts. We take pictures, and when we return home we look them up in Insects: Their Natural History and Diversity

Thanks again for the award, and I hope you take the time to visit the bloggers I’ve mentioned above. 

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Congrats on your award and ooooo…..thanks for including me in your list. Hmmm…7 things you don’t know about me? I will have to think about it and hopefully, I’ll have something to share and put up a post on this. I’m like an open book… LOL!!!
suituapui recently posted..Everywhere…

Edward@Miami Homes

Congratulations on your award Opal, you did a great job on blogging. Writing what you like is one of the important factors in blogging. Thanks for sharing your wonderful blogs to everyone.


Thanks for all the kind words about me! I probably won’t pass on the award, but I’ll try hard figuring 7 things about me to post soon…

Now I feel like I have a better sense of who you are (we’ve not known each other’s blog for a long time after all). I’m very sorry for what happened to you, sorry for your beloved daughter (I didn’t have a father either, but for another reason).
Andréann recently posted..Haircut and Swimming


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