Where does your food come from?

Posted by on August 29, 2013 at 11:38 am.

Where does my food come from? The majority of it’s grown in our acre garden. Yes, I’m truly blessed.

Anyone that knows me, or checks out the foods I write about online
knows that I mainly eat whole foods. I try to eat as close to a foods natural source as possible.


In many ways it would be much easier for me not to do this, but I figure a few extra minutes is worth the effort. When I watch the video, I don’t view this as ‘progress.’

For the record, I’m definitely not against animal consumption but I do think the level it’s done today is unnatural. I say the same thing about vegetables and fruit. Don’t even get me started on the empty calorie food items that are passed off as ‘food.’ But you know what, for those who want to eat that way, that’s there choice.

I must say that I’m fortunate that I do have the ability to purchase animal products from small local farms.

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