Where my girls at?

l always liked the beat of this song, not necessarily the words.


Also, I love the the fitted tube dress that the one lady is wearing. I had a similar one in gold earth tones, but it didn’t have the fluffy stuff at the arms or neckline. That fluffy stuff is the only part of the featured dress that I didn’t like.

It’s been a busy week even more so since my nephew has been with us since last Friday. He leaves tomorrow. It really hadn’t given me a chance to respond to comments here or the few places I comment elsewhere, but things will (hopefully) calm down towards the end of this weekend.

Today, after work, I’m taking my daughter and nephew bowling! They both enjoy it a lot. My dad is coming along too.

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Yea…great song for what they call it today – “clubbing”. Hope you all had fun, bowling.
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I’ve always liked this song as well! I actually “soundtracked” it last week! “Soundtracking” is another App on my iPhone I enjoy πŸ™‚
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