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I must say that I’m proud of one of my friends. I talked about M in a recent post

Stir fry with ham 1

There is no way he’d have eaten something like this, a few months ago, but he is now. He didn’t need to lose weight, he’s physically active, and he’s been my workout buddy off and on for years… but he still wanted to clean up his act. He’s observed my energy levels via our gym workouts, and I seemingly never get tired despite the intensity… and so he wanted to see whether changing his diet might give him an energy boost.

Naturally, I thought he was joking since he’s teased me about my vegan ways for years… but he wasn’t.

He still eats meat, but he now vegetables accompany most of his meals. Which is a huge jump from where he used to be, and so I’m pleased that he’s gradually including vegetables into his daily eating routine.

Certain foods he would state he wouldn’t give up, he has, or realized that he didn’t need. The upside is he has more energy, and getting the extra bursts of energy. Some think of it as a second wind, Which is something he definitely needs if he thinks he can hang with me with my power workouts or my long runs.

The key to his success was baby steps…

I gradually suggested introducing increasing vegetables into fruit juice, and smoothies. Other ways were to puree vegetables into delicious sauce to marinate with his meat based meals. In time his taste buds changed, and he didn’t mind eating vegetables that were in bigger portions, and he now eats some of them raw.

You don’t have to be vegetarian or vegan to be healthy. In fact, I’ve met some extremely unhealthy plant based eaters, but you do have to make healthy food choices, regardless of your eating lifestyle.




  • DragonLady says:

    That looks so good…
    DragonLady recently posted..You got this!


    Opal Reply:

    According to my daughter it was @DragonLady, Although she’s mainly eat vegetables she does eat meat too. I let her make that choice about a year ago. The good news is since vegetables/fruit has always been presented in delicious meals, she prefers that over processed foods, and when she consumes meat she thinks it’s odd if it’s not included within the dish, or served as a side order.
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  • Jennifer says:

    You know I am an 18 year + vegetarian – but I’m not of the militant variety – as you also know! I think every lil bit helps! Anything anyone can do each day helps their overall well-being 🙂

    This is nice to hear – I’m happy for your friend and his improvements, too!
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    Opal Reply:

    Agreed @Jennifer, While I prefer not too eat meat, I’m fully aware that you can eat meat and be healthy. As I mentioned in my original post, I know plenty of veggies that aren’t making healthy food choices. Regardless of your eating style, it’s wise (if you have the means to do so) that you make healthy food choices.
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  • Teeni says:

    I know a lot of vegetarians who eat only pizza and macaroni and cheese. Sad, huh? Sounds like your friend is making good choices. This is how I prefer to eat meat myself, actually. Since I was vegetarian and vegan for so long, I really only like meat as basically a condiment, mixed in with lots of yummy veggies. To each their own, I don’t judge people by their diets, religions, sex or race. But I do think you are right and hope that people do and will make healthy real food decisions.
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  • suituapui says:

    Yes, everything in moderation. A proper balanced diet would do fine for me…not all meat, lots of vegetables…otherwise, I would need to consume some fruits…lest I’ll end up constipating. I drink lots of water too, none of the sugary fizzy drinks for me. So far, I’m getting on pretty well, praise the Lord.
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  • I wish I could get my wife to eat more veggies…with our without the meat to accompany them! 🙂


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