WIP Wednesday; Chunky hat and slippers

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Today is Work in Progress Wednesday!

Although it’s the first time I’m posting about it here on Celebrate Life, there’s always a project that I’m working with. I’m sure that statement is true for many crafters.

Crochet Chunky Hat Nephew 1

Crochet Chunky Hat Nephew 2

WIP – I need to add a tassel to the hat, still unsure what I’m going to add to the slippers.

Currently, my crochet projects, aren’t too elaborate. I’ve been crocheting for about a month or so. My  WIP Wednesday for Tami’s Ami and other CreationsAmbassador Crochet and Ginny of Small Things.

The chunky crocheted hat and slippers I’m creating for my four-year old nephew. I used Lion Brand Yarn; Hometown USA in Tampa Spice. I’m really impressed with how soft this acrylic yarn is, and it’s washable which should make my sister in law happy. I prefer natural fibers, but have been using  mostly acrylic while I try out new stitches.

As you can see, I’m almost finished! I’m including a tassel on the hat, and the slippers still seem to be missing something… The good news is this project will be completed today, I’m including a hand-crafted Angry Birds card with his gift, and then his package will be on its way. I can see him wearing the slippers, but a winter hat

in Texas? Uhm, okay…  he did request that I make it after he saw me make one for my daughter. We were chatting with him on Skype at the time.


Crochet Turqua Slippers 1

Crocheted slippers made for daughter

The slippers have been a hit. My daughter chose the colors for the slippers above, and she’s requested that I make slippers for her best friend at school. I started on the new slippers this morning, so I have another Work in Progress. 🙂


Edited to add:

Crochet video tutorial for chunky hat and slippers

I didn’t use a pattern to make the chunky hat and slippers, however I did follow Hecternooga1’s video tutorial. Through the comment section, I asked Hecternooga1 about making an child size chunky hat.

Here’s her response…

Hi MzOpalT!

For a 4 year old, start with 11 double crochet. In the next row, make 2 double crochet in each stitch, which will result in 24 stitches around. (The first chain 2 counts as 1 stitch. In the next row, double crochet around, but making 2 double crochet in every 2nd stitch, which will result in 36 stitches in that row.

Then continue with the pattern as usual.








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