Wordless Wednesday – Friday Addition: Insect Inspection

Posted by on June 24, 2010 at 9:16 pm.

My daughters insect inspection
Tomorrow is going to be extremely busy, and so I decided to toss up my Wordless Wednesday- Friday addition, one day early.

Earlier today, while we were in our back yard, my daughter found some insects that fascinated her. She bent down to take a closer look. She chattered excitedly about the flurry of activity going on at the anthill, and I snapped the above photo.

When I was around my daughters age, I started reading a lot about ants. They really fascinated me, and at times I would watch them for hours.

Ants are amazing creatures, did you know that…


Hey Mommy, come here!
I really like that she is fascinated with insects (just like her mommy.) A few years ago, I purchased the book Insects: Their Natural History and Diversity. Thanks to that book (which is well over 700 pages) we’re able to identify a lot of insects. Which is perfect for our insect hunts.

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