Work in Progress Wednesday; Crocheted Red Angry Bird and crocheted bookmark bookworms

I’m not a big Angry Bird fan; but my five-year old nephew is, and so last week you could find me looking for appropriate Red Angry Bird crochet patterns.

Angry Birds

Initially, I was going to purchase eyes, but I couldn’t locate them in the local craft store I’d visited. Perhaps that was for the best? I do know how to embroider, although admittedly it’s been years since I’ve attempted to do some of the intricate embroidery I used to create, but I figured I should be able to handle the simple angry bird eyes, and so I gave it a shot…

Crocheted Red Angry Bird

Crocheted red angry bird 2Crocheted red angry bird 1

The only thing left is to create a thin line around the beak; currently the beak looks like it’s in one piece; we can’t have that! Additionally, I need to crochet some of his partners in crime; Black Angry Bird bomb, and perhaps one of those poor little piggies? Oink, oink, please don’t hurt me Angry Birds!

My crocheted Red Angry Bird was featured in last weeks, Work in Progress Wednesday; but I didn’t complete this Red Angry Bird as quickly as originally planned. I’ve been distracted with other crochet projects,  I should have it finished today. Perfect, since I’ll be able to feature it in Finished Object Friday.


h3Crocheted bookmark bookworm

Crocheted bookworm bookmarks

This is my first batch of bookmark bookworms. I’m making them for my daughter’s third-grade class; fifteen students are in her class. As you can see, these Crocheted bookworm bookmarks are almost complete. The only thing left is to add the eyes. The next batch I’ll make differently, they won’t be bookworms, but some other tiny critter that I can create; I already have a few ideas.

But back to those bookworms…

As a child, I remember receiving similar bookmark bookworms. One of my Sunday schoolteachers doted on her students, and was regularly making something for us. She died about three years ago.

Next week, there’s a Mom’s day at my daughter’s school, and so I’ll be bringing in the completed bookmarks, and passing them out to the children. I hope her classmates like them.

I heard about them via the lovely Kathleen,  she’s a talented fiber artist, I recently awarded her site with The Versatile Blogger award too.

Edited to add… I’m participating in Pay it Forward handmade! Stop by to see what the fuss is about!

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Very cool on the angry bird! My daughter loves angry birds…my mom let her play it once and she has been raving ever since. Of course, I can’t crochet…so that makes it slightly more complicated!
Heather recently posted..Emma’s sweater – done!

Beth Ellen Nagle

So that’s the Angry Bird….cool!


I love both projects. That Angry Bird is sweet and the wormy bookmarks … I love the idea. They appeal to my inner geek!
Nicky recently posted..Magic Loop Baby!!!!!

SusanD1408 crochet addict

love the angry bird and I love all the colours of your wiggly worm bookmarks.
SusanD1408 crochet addict recently posted..What You Doing Wednesday Week 5


CUTE! I think I prefer the embroidered eyes to the type your could purchase! Very nicely done!
Michelle recently posted..Yabadabadoo?

Crafty Gardener

Your angry bird is really cute. I’ve got some of the blue angry birds and the grandkids love playing with them.
Crafty Gardener recently posted..Crochet projects


That Angry Bird is amazing! I made one a while back, I wish I’d thought to put a line on the beak. I can’t wait to see this guy on Friday with his finished facial expression.

And wow, thank you so much (a) for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award and (b) sharing your bookworms—there’s nothing more exciting to me than inspiring someone else to create something. I love knowing that you have fond memories of similar bookworms and are now going to pass those along to your daughter’s classmates. 🙂

Mia@Miami Real Estate

Angry bird fever is everywhere. Nice work it’s really cute. Kids really like this stuff even those birds are angry they make kids smile 🙂


I’m sure your daughter’s classmates are going to love your book marks. What a neat idea making a some for them


My nephew would love the Angry Bird. He into that game!

I found you via Frontier Dreams’ KCCO. This is my project of the week:
Hannah recently posted..Crafting Along with needle and thREAD

Mike Reeson@yard sales

So cute! And impressive work! 🙂


LOL!!! Nice. Put them up for sale. Bet many would want to buy for their kids. It’s the current craze all over…
suituapui recently posted..I told you so…


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