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Posted by on May 17, 2013 at 8:38 pm.

My daughter’s tenth birthday is next week. I’ve already made her a few things like the knitted voodoo doll. The head, body and limbs are complete. I’ll put it together once she’s asleep.

Earlier this morning, I purchased a few items for her…

Monster High Collapsible Trunk

Monster High Collapsible Trunk


Such as this adorable Monster High Collapsible Trunk. Judging by the reviews… it’s large and will fit nicely at the foot of my daughters bed. I do think I’ll make it more sturdy by sewing a liner inside the trunk and then attaching it to the fabric that’s already there. I know that my daughter will love it since it features her much loved Monster High dolls. I like it since it neatly keeps her items in one place. The Monster High trunk will arrive on her birthday.

Monster High_Scaris Doll_Deuce Gorgon_16154096_01


My daughter loves the Monster High dolls! Over the past few years I’ve purchased several for her. She doesn’t have any of the boy Monster High dolls. People snap them up quickly in the store and resell them for well over $150! There’s no way I’m paying that much for a doll that normally retails for between $12 and $21 in the store.  However this the Monster High doll, Deuce Gorgon for $30. I haven’t seen him that low in months! He’s been snapped up and resold for over $150 so I quickly bought the doll since he was only $10 more than I’d pay if I could find him in the store.

Wacam Splash Tablet


Initially, I was going to purchase this item at Christmas time, but I held off since I felt she had enough for Christmas. I did add it to my Amazon Wish List knowing that one day I’d eventually purchase it for her. Well guess what? I checked this morning and the price had dropped by $10 since Christmas!

My daughter loves to draw. She’s an extremely talented artist.  She likes computers and has been wanting to digitize some of her sketches and so I decided to purchase the Wacom Splash Tablet. It looks like it’ll be the the perfect beginner tablet for her. I’m an Amazon Prime member and decided to go with next day delivery  for the Monster High doll and the Wacom tablet. They’ll be here tomorrow so I don’t have to worry about them arriving by her birthday.

My daughter doesn’t expect a lot for her birthday. She knows that what you receive isn’t really that important and she seems to be truly happy with whatever she gets which is nice.  The main way I show her how much she means to me is spending lots of time with her. But to make her birth date “extra special” I try to do additional things for her. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she receives her gifts. She’s such a wonderful daughter smart, loving, and enjoys sharing with others. It’s nice when I can do extra special things for her throughout the year.



  • curls and q says:

    Q – Great gifts. Love the Wacom. My 8 year old grandson is a great artist. When they come to visit I’ll have to teach him how to use the Wacom. Good idea.

    BTW, granddaughter Maddie is 10 at the end of the month. Curl’s granddaughter turned 10 last week.
    curls and q recently posted..FO Friday: The Ribbit Hat


    Opal Reply:

    Thanks @curls and q, I decided to give my daughter the tablet today. I figured she’d need to play around with it a bit before she got comfortable with it and during the week she doesn’t have the time. She’s really likes it and is already working on an art piece. It’s coming along quite nicely.

    Oh so the two of you have a few ten year old granddaughters. Happy Belated birthday to them! 🙂
    Opal recently posted..Voodoo you love…


  • Jennifer says:

    10!? How does that happen so fast? 🙂 Happy Birthday to her! I bought a Bamboo a while back – it was an earlier/different model than this and for what I wanted it for at the time I should have gotten the next one up! It was an impulse-buy – I USUALLY research it better before buying – the one time I didn’t…eeeek! Anyhow…the dolls are cute! I remember different collectibles throughout the years the prices going up and up for certain ones WOWZA! My sister collected Barbies until she was 15 and even back then they did that where some were reasonable and others were crazy high based on demand or trend/etc.
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    Opal Reply:

    @Jennifer, I know right? I think we’ve been chatting since she’s been three which means one of these days we’ll have to meet! 😉 I researched this one, it does enough to get her doing digital art and if she really takes off with it I’ll definitely upgrade the tablet. All signs point to the fact that she likes it a lot. She spent about four hours working with it this weekend. Once I get her site up and running I’ll send you the link. 😉
    Opal recently posted..Work in Progress; Knitted Voodoo doll


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