Yard work and knitting; working on a new knitted stockinette scarf

Posted by on May 29, 2012 at 5:48 am.

Memorial Day was a busy one for myself, and I have the aches to prove it.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the amount of destruction I did to all those wild plants growing near the woods. Many of those plants were taller than I. I guess that’s not saying much, since I’m only 5′.

But, I had a great workout, three hours nonstop weed whacking with my handy scythe. As I used it, I thought… “Wow, this could really put a hurting on someone!” It cut down small trees easily.

The main plant that received a lot of the my attention is this wild plant, that I haven’t bothered to identify (yet). It’s been in this area since I can remember….

And it must be the plant kingdoms version of the cockroach. That sucker is hard to kill! You think you’ve dug up all the roots, but it still comes back.

While I don’t have pictures of all the yard work I did yesterday, or the mystery plant that sort of resembles bamboo, I did take photos of my knitting. To be fair, when I’m working, I don’t have time to take pictures. If I’m constantly snapping photos, I can’t be working, can I? 😉 But I’ll try to take outside photos later today.

During my down time, I did frog the knitted stockinette scarf and  it was reborn as the knitted scarf you see below. My daughter was completing a school project, and I was giving her pointers. With knitting, I don’t have to look at my work. My hands “know” where to go.

Knitting Stockinette scarf 3 05 28 12

As you see, the yarn color and weight have changed. It used to look like this…

Knitting Stockinette scarf 1 05 28 12

It’s now been upgraded to a bulky yarn. The exact color is Mulberry. I did decide to use the same knitting stitch; stockinette. I must say that I like this one much better than the other stockinette scarf that I’d made.

If you look closely, you might see streaks of black mingling within the mulberry. I like it, it’s very subtle.  My circular knitting needles stayed the same; size ten. I was contemplating on using a size 15 circular needle, but perhaps I’ll use them next time?

Knitting Stockinette scarf 4 05 28 12

While working on this scarf, I realized that my father could use a scarf, for the colder months.  He only wears them at his home. But, since he does a lot of yard work, A thick scarf, such as this, would come in handy, and perhaps my mother wouldn’t fuss at him so much about staying warm?

The scarf he uses now, he’s had for years. It’s a dull chocolate brown, and it has seen better days. I actually believe it’s part of an ensemble; scarf, hat, and gloves that he received from work. That was at least fifteen years ago. He’s been retired for about eight years.

So I do believe its high time that he received a scarf upgrade, don’t you? He tossed the matching brown hat, the moment I made him a hat. It’s similar to the crocheted chunky hat I made for my five-year old nephew.

So yes… my father appreciates handcrafted items. I do put a lot of effort into anything that I create, and as I mentioned in an earlier post. The recipients won’t find any mistakes with their hand crafted item, since I’ll rip them out in a heartbeat until it looks perfect. Once this scarf if finished, I’ll cast on a scarf for him, and then some matching gloves.

They’d make great Christmas presents, But I’ll gift him with the scarf and gloves, as soon as the weather turns cold.


  • suituapui says:

    Yes, when it’s cold, it’s best to stay all wrapped up and keep warm – to keep colds at bay.
    suituapui recently posted..Amor, amor, amor…


  • suituapui says:

    Btw, those hats are fashionable, aren’t they? I can understand people there using it but here in sunny Malaysia, we have those young boys wearing them too! Gosh! It must be killing! So hot here! LOL!!!
    suituapui recently posted..Amor, amor, amor…


    Opal Reply:

    but here in sunny Malaysia, we have those young boys wearing them too! Gosh! It must be killing! So hot here! LOL!!!

    I had to chuckle at that @suituapui, You know, we have people wearing those hot hats in the summer too! But you’re correct that style of hat is very popular.

    And you’re right, when it’s cold outside, it’s best to keep warm, to keep colds at bay. 😉
    Opal recently posted..Stockinette scarf update; looks fine… but I’m still frogging


  • Teeni says:

    Oooh, I really love the mulberry! What a nice color! And yes, I think it would be wonderful to make a new scarf for your dad. Of course he will love it!!! And plus, I get to see you making it (I hope). Oh, and I love that you are only 1/2 inch taller than me! Tiny little powerhouse, that’s what you are!


    Opal Reply:

    Hey @Teeni, Sorry for the delayed response, it’s been a bit busy around these parts. Perhaps I’ll get a chance to blog about the extra activities soon.

    Yeah dad is great, he actually likes that I craft items for him. And how cool that we’re about the same height! 😉
    Opal recently posted..The Night Shift and knitting; stockinette scarf update


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