Zojirushi hot lunch jar: Noodles, cornbread, Mac & Cheese…

Earlier this week, I prepared a meal specifically for my daughters Zojirushi Tiffin jar.

Zojirushi hot lunch jar.12.5.13

This above photo is everything that went into my daughters Zojirushi hot lunch jar.

The main course was made on the morning she went to school…

Initially I was going to make noodles and some type of sausage meatballs in a pasta sauce, but I realized that I really did not have time to make a pasta sauce and so I went with another plan. We did have Ramen noodles! Perfect, I prepared them. Once they were cooked I rinsed them thoroughly and set aside.

Ramen noodles with sausage, chicken, and veggies_1.12.5.13


In my stainless steel skillet I sauteed sausage, once cooked, I added onions and sauteed until clear.
ground spices.10.12.13


While that was cooking I ground herbs and spices in my mortar and pestle. The smell was heavenly.

About two minutes later I added the herbs and Ramen noodles into the skillet.  I turned off the heat and added peppers and broccoli to the dish. Since my daughter’s lunch jar is insulated, the veggies would be lightly cooked until lunch time at school. I also added some homemade chicken tenders that I’d prepared earlier in the week. I broke them up into bite pieces and added to the noodles.

The vegetables did not come from our garden, harvesting time, for these vegetables are complete until next year, but… they were still fresh since I purchased them at a local farm. If you like produce as much as myself, it pays to know what local farmers are nearby.

Here’s a close-up of what was inside my daughter’s Zojirushi hot lunch jar.


Ramen noodles with sausage, chicken, and veggies_Zojirushi hot lunc


Ramen noodles with Sausage, chicken and vegetables; peppers, broccoli and onions


Ramen noodles with sausage, chicken, and veggies_Zojirushi hot lunch jar_2.12.5.13


Homemade macaroni and cheese


Ramen noodles with sausage, chicken, and veggies_Zojirushi hot lunch jar_3.12.5.13

Homemade corn bread


Ramen noodles with sausage, chicken, and veggies_Zojirushi hot lunch jar_4.12.5.13


Grapes, apples and goldfish

Zojirushi insulated Tiffin Box bag

Everything  stacks neatly on top each other (Tiffin style) and fits in this compact lunch bag.

I’ve said numerous times already that I’m thrilled with the purchase of the Zojirushi hot lunch jar. My daughter has been bringing home an empty lunch daily. Since the lunch is hot, I can give her leftovers or as in this case make food the same morning and know the food will remain hot when she eats it 4.5 hours later.


Tools used

  1. Zojirushi SL-XCE20HG Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tiffin Box
  2. Baking Buddies Reusable Silicone Baking Cups
  3. Food Picks & Forks / Bento Decoration (Animals) 10 Pcs
  4. Stainless Steel Vegetable Cutters






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It is great to have warm lunch that brought from home. Nice hot lunch jar you have there.

And as a mother, who not happy to see kids eat and appreciate our effort. 🙂
Rose recently posted..Dear diary…


Everything looks so good. I love the noodles, a complete meal by itself. Must be really yummy.
suituapui recently posted..Try it again…


LOVE seeing the lunches! So happy the lunch system is working so well!
Jennifer recently posted..Strawberry Peach Banana Smoothie


Everything looks so yummy! Thanks for linking up at Leftovers on Fridays

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