Juice Cleanse: Twelve Days of juicing

This morning, I ate some solid foods. Well I should say it was pureed and I drank it as a smoothie. It tasted good. I could have gone much longer than twelve days, but I decided to break from the cleanse to see what type of reaction I’d have consuming something differently. When breaking a fast most cleansing/fasting experts recommend that you transition back into solid foods slowly by consuming whole unprocessed foods (preferably uncooked fruits and vegetables.)

I will be going back on my juice cleanse tomorrow. This morning, my daughter and I headed to the local farm where I stocked up on fresh dark leafy greens (collards, kale, mustard and spinach.) I’m actually thinking about doing longer than 12 days on a juice cleanse this time around, but we’ll see. I do know mentally and physically I’m more than prepared. I did see a cleansing reaction after about the fifth day (via my bowel movements) from drinking mainly dark leafy greens for every single meal and I thought that was amazing, more on that in another post.

I still have a lot of photos to upload of the different juices I drank, including watermelon juice, also I have to upload a few of the meals I prepared for my daughter, such as the creamy crab chowder I prepared for her yesterday. Since my mother was working, I made enough to share with my father. While he is a man of few words, when it comes to complimenting the food that is prepared for him he did make a point to tell me the creamy crab chowder was really good. I eat vegetarian/vegan meals, but I still receive compliments on the “regular meals” I prepare too. Just like my veggie meals, I make sure they are nutritious and delicious.

Over the past few years, juice cleanses/fasts have become increasingly popular the main draw seems to be weight loss. I didn’t need to lose weight, juice cleanses & water fasts have always been part of my routine. I simply like taking a break from eating solid foods. As I mentioned repeatedly while doing this cleanse, since I’m drinking food in a very concentrated form, I’m added benefits while on the cleanses that I do. There is no way I could consume that amount of food within a day.
I will say the way I eat, definitely has a lot to do with my overall health. I realize food is only part of the equation. Staying healthy mentally and  spiritually are equally important too.

Early into this fast, I stumbled upon this womans YouTube channel. I really enjoyed listening to her positive take on her juice cleanse, so I thought I’d share it here. Enjoy!

Chronic constipation… gone

constipationI’m thrilled to say that thus far my digestive issues are a thing of the past. Currently, I’m on “phase III” of the plan I’ve designed for myself.

Yes… I now have natural bowel movements first thing in the morning and sometime mid-evening. Depending on what I consume, I see remnants of it the very next day within my stool. That’s fairly impressive for someone like myself who had chronic constipation.

This might not mean anything  for someone who hasn’t had digestive issues, but for someone like myself this was a major change.  I could go weeks and on occasion months without having a bowel movement. Occasionally, Id be awakened by intense cramping in my abdomen.  I knew something was wrong, but how could I fix that?

I must say, it was really frustrating, I eat correctly, I mainly eat whole foods. I drank at least eight glasses of water daily! I remember thinking… this should not be happening to me! My daily diet is filled with and abundance of fresh vegetables & fruit, I don’t eat fast foods, fake vegetarian foods or the processed foods… but I still was constipated. It wasn’t until earlier this year that I discovered the reason I was having these issues was because I had candida.

Candida was the most important factor that prevented me from having healthy elimination. But the annoying side effects of candida has diminished. Enemas, especially garlic enemas, were a huge part of reigning in those side effects.

I will say getting to this point wasn’t easy, it took perseverance and completely believing in the power that my body could heal through natural means.

I don’t mind opening up about things that some people might think is “unsavory” because it might help someone else, just like the blog/forum posts helped me.

Also, when I started writing about topics like this it was one more way I could hold myself accountable.  Even things we keep hidden often times has a way of being brought to light and affecting those around us because of the poor choices we have made.

Juice Cleanse: Day 11 – Juicing dark leafy greens

This marks day 11 of my juice cleanse and I’m still feeling great!

Last evening I got a jump start on today and prepared my juice early. Isn’t it a pretty green color!
Juicing-Dark Leafy greens_1
This made more than enough to take a thermos to work today. It holds 2 liters/78 ounces.  I still have about four cups left over.

Juicing-Dark Leafy greens_2

I will say this is not a sweet juice, I think at times, that people juice too many fruit juices and ignore the awesome benefits of vegetable juices.

Years ago (when I first started juicing) I did the same thing. I liked vegetables, but tried to sweeten the non-sweet veggies by adding sweet vegetables or fruit to my juice blends. After a while I realized that I really shouldn’t do that, and started slowly increasing the non sweet juices to my juice blends. In time, my taste buds changed. Now, non-sweet vegetable juices are my go to juiced drink.

Juice Cleanse: Day 10

women-celebratingToday marks the tenth day of consuming only liquids.

No, I’m not hungry at all and while I do get the occasional craving for something “solid” I’m really liking getting all the nutrients I need in liquid form.

I’m getting more nutrients than I could possibly consume from solids or even smoothies  since the “foods” I’m drinking are the concentrated juice derived from vegetables and fruit! I feel amazing!

Since I’m drinking only liquids, I feel “lighter” than normal. My body doesn’t have to work harder since the nutrients I’m supplying it with aren’t solid or a pureed liquid. Yesterday afternoon, I developed a sore throat. I don’t think it was cold related since I didn’t have any more symptoms. Today, it’s almost gone.

The mind is extremely powerful I realized this as a child and have already set high goals for myself, many of them I was able to achieve simply because I refused to quit.

“Keep watching and praying that you may not enter into temptation; the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” Matthew 26:41

The few times that I had cravings I thought about the above verse. As I already mentioned, my body is definitely not deprived since the vegetables and fruit I consume in juice form is more than I could consume during one day.

I also realize that…

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Sounds easy enough, right? But often times many of us Christians forget about this and attempt to tackle things on our own. Are we surprised when we stumble? Remember, “The Spirit is Willing, but the fresh is weak!”


Skin care: Make your own vitamin C serum!

Vitamin C serum can be very costly, instead of purchasing it I make my own.

Vitamin C serum - Applying to skin_1
Applying vitamin C serum


Early this morning my daughter snapped photos of me as I applied the homemade vitamin C serum to my freshly cleansed face. I do like applying it to my skin, I’ve found that it makes my already soft skin even softer. I don’t wear make up, never have used it since I’ve always hated the stuff! That being said, I do try to pamper my skin.

Vitamin C serum - Applying to skin_2
Don’t forget the neck


I make sure I cover my entire face and neck.

Vitamin C serum - Applying to skin_3
Umm… I feel something


Occasionally, I still have to brace myself for the

Vitamin C serum - Applying to skin_4
Ohh, that stung a bit!


slight stinging that occasionally occurs from applying ascorbic acid to the skin.

The above expression was exaggerated purely for my daughters benefit, she loved it and took my picture. She also asked me to post it on my site, seriously? Well, ok… the stinging I wasn’t expecting, but depending on the concentration (or if you have sensitive skin) the ascorbic acid can have that effect, occasionally I forget to measure and this is what normally occurs when that happens. Interestingly enough, although my skin is sensitive I can tolerate my homemade vitamin C serum, without breakouts, I just have to make sure the dose I use is low.

I recently started using my homemade vitamin C serum, but am already seeing results which I’ve listed below.

  • Dark spots are starting to become lighter
  • Glowing skin
  • Tighter pores

Homemade vitamin C serum

  • 1/2 tsp L-Ascorbic Acid/Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C crystals)
  • 5 tsp. or rosewater
  • 2 tsp. jojoba oil
  • 1/2 tsp. coconut oil
  • 2 drops rose geranium essential oil (optional)
  • 2 drops lavender essential oil (optional)



Add vitamin C crystals into the distilled water, stir until completely dissolved. I found that adding the vitamin C to warm water helped dissolve the vitamin C crystals.

Add the rest of the ingredients and then stir until mixed well. Store your homemade vitamin C serum in the refrigerator.


Supplies needed

  1. L-Ascorbic Acid/Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C crystals)
  2. Distilled water
  3. 2 oz. dark dropper bottle
  4. Rose geranium essential oil (optional)
  5. Lavender essential oil (optional)




  1. Medical News Today: What is Vitamin C? What is L-ascorbic Acid?
  2. University of Maryland Medical Center: Skin wrinkles and blemishes

Choices: Things that make you go hmmm…

Ever notice how some people will immediately stop eating something healthy based on research by various organizations but still continue to eat food that is obviously unhealthy for them? With people I know really well, I’ll usually point it out in a joking way of course. Often times, they’ll admit the hypocrisy but continue to eat unhealthy foods while shunning the healthy food that is supposedly bad for them. But besides initially pointing out the glaring inconsistencies, I leave it alone because ultimately it’s their choice, you know?

Juice only update – Day 9

I awoke feeling great. Shortly I’ll be juicing some dark leafy greens. To that, I’ll add celery, cucumber, lemons, lime, garlic, ginger and some type of hot pepper. This is one of my favorite drinks. No it’s not sweet and I didn’t like it when I started making it years ago, but I love it now!

C&C Music Factory: Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

Juice Cleanse: Drinking 64 – 96 ounces per day = Three jars per day

Today will mark Day 8 of my juice cleanse. I’m feeling great!

A few hours ago, I felt slightly tired but I realized that’s because besides one cup of vegetable juice (around 5:30 a.m. this morning) I hadn’t drank any more juice. That was easily remedied by juicing and drinking. If I hadn’t shared last nights juice batch with my daughter this morning, I would have had plenty of juice to last until this evening. But I love sharing with my daughter and it’s nice to see her jump on the bandwagon and drink my juices too. She’s still eating her meals.

Juice Cleanse_Pinapple juice blend and collard greens_1

Since I had to make juice anyway, I made enough to fill two Ball jars. The orange juice is actually a sweet juice blend. Yes, a shocker for me but something I added yesterday when I was stopping a cold in it’s tracks. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post about that amazing story some time this week. The second juice is the juices I normally drink. Dark green vegetables. Hot peppers, garlic, and onions are in each jar. The green juice has much more so it’s extremely potent.  I didn’t need to make a third jar, since I’d already consumed a jar today. Three jars full of juice is enough to last me throughout the day.

Although it’s Day 8 of my Juice Cleanse, I’m still not hungry. I’m getting more than enough nutrients from the juices I consume. There’s no way I could eat the amount of produce I’m drinking on a daily basis. Sometimes I get bored with just drinking juice. Remember I love being creative in the kitchen. However I’m able to ease that boredom by continuing to prepare my daughter freshly made food daily. No, I don’t get tempted even though the food does smell great!

What I’ve noticed while drinking only juices

  1. My skin is a lot clearer
  2. The whites of my eyes are becoming clear
  3. No white patches on my tongue
  4. Heightened awareness
  5. Clear nasal passages
  6. Passed a lot of mucous in my bowel movements
  7. Morning bowel movements occur about the same time daily
  8. Softer skin – my skin is already soft

There are other things I’ve noticed and many of the ones I’ve mentioned above I’ve experienced on past juice cleanses.I’m looking forward to consuming juices for at least one more week…