I love meal prep!

Being that my life has been jam-packed with obligations, one way I’ve been staying on top of healthy eating is preparing meals in bulk, breaking down into two meal portions (for my daughter and myself) and placing the food into our deep freezer.

Earlier this week, I made a large batch of taquitos and today I believe I’ll be making a large batch of chili. Last month my daughter turned 16! Wow, how the time has flown. At times, it seems like “just the other day” when she was born. Her birthday was a simple affair and she enjoyed it immensely as did I. She’s holding off celebrating her birthday with her friends until they are all completed their schoolwork. Her two friends (and herself) both had plenty of assignments to keep them busy, and so much of their energy was focused on their work.

It’s a beautiful day outside, and so after my daughter finishes some of her work, we’ll be headed outdoors!