Stationery Bike: Over 1000 Miles!

This past May, I received my stationary exercise bike. Since that time, I’ve ridden over 1000 miles. I ride my bike daily for at least an hour. This purchase was because I was unable to go to the gym because of COVID. I’m enjoying the at-home workouts. I’ve always worked out at home, but now I do it exclusively. When my gym finally reopened, I did not return. I would have returned if the rules for being in the sauna weren’t so restrictive. At my gym, you can only be in there for ten minutes at a time. To truly receive the health benefits from the sauna, the time suggested is much higher.

Besides my stationary bike, I also purchased two Specialized mountain bikes in August, one for myself and my daughter. The stationary bike, combined with mountain bikes, exercise bands, and an exercise wheel, are more than enough ways to keep me physically fit.

Specialized Bikes: Outdoor biking

My goodness, where has the time gone? This year has passed by in a blur. In August, I purchased mountain bikes for my daughter and myself, and several times weekly, we’ve been exploring the great outdoors. I’d been researching bikes for several months and narrowed my selection to Trek and Specialized bikes. Since Trek wasn’t available at any local bike shops where I’d visited, I went with Specialized. I must say that we’re both happy with the selection. It gives us another way to be outdoors, enjoying nature.

The quickest workout is within our community. It’s about a mile back, surrounded by trees on both sides, before opening up into our little community. Upon leaving the neighborhood, there’s a hill. While you might not notice it within a vehicle, you’re aware of that hill when you’re bike riding or running. This hill has a slow incline, so it’s a lactic burn until it levels off. I’ve joined a few local biking groups and plan to do my first century (100-mile ride) sometime next year.