Continuing to count our blessings

My nephew is visiting! I love my nephew, and although things are challenging at the moment, with both of my parents parents being sick. I still look forward to the time I have to spend with him.

I’d known that he’d be staying with us for a few months. I had made so many plans of things that we would do within the three days he was visiting. But, of course, things have drastically changed, and all the plans that I’d had made are out the window since both of my parents are sick. My father is at home; however, he requires round-the-clock care, and since Home Health Aide does not start until this Friday, we won’t be going anywhere. Additionally, until I’m comfortable with their Home Health Aides, I won’t be leaving my parents with them.

Groceries ready to be put away

Stocking up on Groceries

To stay on top of feeding my soon-to-be 15-year-old nephew, last evening, I placed an order with Amazon Fresh, and it arrived shortly before 8:00 AM. Remembering how much he can eat, I also trip to our local grocery store and purchased additional foods. I have not been to that store in months either, since my daughter and I do the majority of our grocery shopping at a Korean market that is 40 minutes away (one-way from where we live. So while the bags of food shown in the above picture might not seem like a lot to some, it’s a whole lot for my daughter and me. I now think that I have enough to feed my 6′ nephew that towers over my petite 5′ frame, and there should be plenty to carry my daughter, brother, and me into next week. My brother will be back in town and will stay with us to help out until our mother arrives home.

Parent Updates

My parents continue to improve. My father’s therapists were so pleased with his progress that they are looking to get him standing within the next few weeks. His physical therapist was at their home yesterday and raved at the improvements that he’d made. She asked me what I’d been doing. I told her I started pureeing foods for him, which he consumed by straw. HE COULD NOT HOLD THE CUP when I started about two weeks ago. Now he can hold the cup and straw without my assistance and becomes annoyed if I hold them for him. I love the progress. My mother is still in the hospital; however, she is making progress.

I’m now in my room for the evening while he and my daughter spend time laughing and just enjoying each other’s company. Listening to them interact with each other makes me smile. I hung with both of them for several hours.

Despite everything that has happened since October 2021, I still have many reasons to count my blessings and be thankful. I have a lovely daughter and supportive loved ones. Despite their unexpected health complications, both of my parents’ lives were spared. They could have died. I work remotely and have a great job. I’m in good health and can step in and assist with my father’s care within his home. I have a lovely daughter. I have a brother who is supportive and helps when possible. I have many loved ones that make sure we are all well. Thank you, God.

Not the same, but it’ll do

A few days ago, I told my daughter that I’d make Chinese Orange chicken for her and my brother. The orange chicken did not happen since I did not have any oranges in the home. Whoops!

However, I did make a ginger chicken recipe that they both loved very much. They loved it so much that I do not have any suitable leftovers for meal prep. Since they ate most of it within two days, they ate it with the rice I’d made in my much loved Zojirushi rice cooker a few days before. I love this rice cooker; it has a warming feature that allows the rice to stay within the rice cooker for 48 hours. We are rice lovers, and I purchase a massive variety of rice from HMart, the Korean grocery store where I do most of my food shopping.


Both of my parents are making progress. Thank you, God. It’s an answer to prayer. Many people have been praying for them. My father’s physical therapist had him in his wheelchair today and had him use his legs and arms to navigate around the second floor of their home. I’ll be off of work another week, although I do plan to hop on a few hours when I have the time. The following week, we will have a Home Health aide at home, and I’ll be back at work full-time. As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m thankful that I have a fabulous manager and director that is understanding and willing to work with me during this time. I started at this position a little over seven months ago. With how backward employment laws are here in the USA, they don’t have to work with me if they don’t want to. I’m blessed that they live up to their work/life balance motto. My company says they care about the wellbeing of their employees; they show it through their actions.

I’m no longer waiting for the other shoe to drop

Have you ever heard the expression, “waiting for the other shoe drop?” It means that you are waiting for an event to happen that seems inevitable. With all the unexpected twists and turns that have occurred since October, I’m honestly not surprised with whatever happens. Last Monday, I told my mother that I was taken her to be seen, and I was not taking no for an answer. Since it was unexpected, I took her to Urgent Care. Four hours later, we went from Urgent Care to the Emergency Room. My mother is still in the hospital. She’s continuing to improve and hopefully will be back home, if not this week, the following week.

I’ve taken time off of work to take over the care of my father. My brother has even set up an office (temporarily) at our parent’s home so that he can assist. I must say that it’s very much appreciated that he did that for anyone that has taken care of someone wholly dependent on others for their basic needs. You know what a challenge that can be. The bulk of my father’s care has been done by myself since my mother has been in the hospital. Despite everything that has transpired, I still have a lot to be thankful for. I have a great job, boss, and company that’s willing to work with me. I have a lovely daughter, great brother, parents, and family/friends that have reached out to check on us, let us know they’re praying for us, and drop off food. Food is the one thing I don’t need since I do a lot of meal prep. However, I do take the food given since I know people sometimes want to do SOMETHING to help. It makes them feel as they’ve done something. Why would I take that away from them? I’ve been sharing it with others with the overabundance of food we received. A home-cooked meal is a welcome addition even if a family is not in crisis.

Vita-Mix Immersion Blender

Early this morning, the Vita-Mix Immersion blender was delivered to my doorstep. I already have the Vitamix Professional blender; however, I plan to use the Immersion aka Stick blender for pureeing soups directly in the pot or creating smaller-sized purees.

More meal prep: Comfort Food

I’m still preparing all of my mother’s meals. Earlier this evening, I made soup—the ultimate comfort food.

I made two versions of this soup; Vegan and Chicken ramen soup. Besides ramen and chicken, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, rosemary, ginger, garlic, cilantro, and a few other herbs and spices. It was incredibly flavorful, and my mother and daughter were happy to eat their soup. I figured this would be the perfect meal since they both love soup and noodles.

Caring for the Caregiver

I finally was able to get my mother to get checked today. Yes, it took that long. I stayed with my father, and my daughter went with her. I was able to talk to the Nurse Practitioner on the phone while they were at the facility. They’re going to run more tests, and she also has a few referrals once they receive the test results. I told the nurse that I think this is most likely caused by stress, and while the HCP said this is possible, she’s concerned that it’s been going on for two months. The Nurse practitioner was prescribed a probiotic and given paperwork follow an IBS-friendly diet! I’ve had my mom on that already. When my mother was following this diet, all the symptoms disappeared. However, even though I’ve been preparing her meals for a few months,  the past few weeks, she said she’d been sneaking her old comfort foods back into her diet. Guess when those IBS symptoms started? When she started eating the wrong foods, of course. Sighs

Upon returning home, my mother stated that she’s committed to following the food list. She even gave their next-door neighbor some food that she should not be eating (fried fish). Baby steps, I know she can do this. It can be challenging finding the time to do it all. I’m thankful that I do work from home. However, at times, finding the time to make the meals for my mother can be a real challenge. I don’t seem to have enough hours in my days; however, I still have many to be thankful for. I’m working from home. I have a great boss. I have a loving daughter a supportive and close-knit family. So while it can be hard to add one extra thing to my plate and make those meals, I’ll continue to make them.

Baby Steps

My father is continuing to make progress. It’s slow, but progress is progress.