All American Canner: Canning Meat

Today marks the first time that I’ve canned meat, and I must say that I’m excited. I’ve canned for several years; however, it’s mainly been jams and jellies. When I canned with my mother as a child, I assisted her with the canning, including produce. However, even my mother never canned meat. Since I like to have food on hand and thought about ways to preserve food that didn’t include placing items in the deep freezer, naturally canned meat was a topic of interest for me.

Over the years, I’ve read numerous articles about canning meat and watched several videos about the process a few months ago; I figured it was high time that stops sitting on the sidelines and started canning my meat instead of purchasing canned goods from the store.

All American Canner – 10.5 quart

So, over the past few months, I bought the canner that I’ve had on my want list for several years. I bought the All-American Canner. Initially, I purchased the 21.5 quarts, and yesterday, I bought the 10.5 quarts and… I’m canning on a glass-top stove.

Canning gives me more control over the types of foods that are consumed.

Reviewing the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving,

Making Beef Stew to can in my All-American Canner

I started simple and made the Beef Stew With Vegetables listed on page 409. I used five-pint jars and canned for 75 minutes at a 10-pound pressure.

It’s 11:33 pm, and based on the time from my iPad, I have 48 minutes and 41 seconds left of canning.

Tomorrow, after my appointments, I plan to can the remaining beef I purchased today, and I have a lot of about nine pounds of chicken breast. I cannot wait. I took a few videos and planned to add at least one to a later canning post.