Another Donabe and Saturday Meal Prep

Like many others, this past week has been extremely busy. However, I still made meals on some of those days and wisely prepped meals; it’s been a week of donabe cooking. Also myTagine-style (it’s like a skillet) Donabe Fukkura-san, which I purchased from Toiro Kitchen, arrived on Monday. It was handmade in Iga, Japan. I love its shape and have made three clay pot meals in my newest donabe. I’ll prepare meals in at least one of my clay pots this weekend. Recently, because of how busy I have been with work, the weekends have become my time to catch up and knock out a lot of meal prep.

Since I’m home for the rest of the day, I plan to take it easy… besides doing some meal prep. In a few hours, I plan to make lasagna and flautas.

Early this morning, I ordered more meal prep glass containers, which arrived a few hours later. Of course, I ordered them from Amazon.

My brother and nephew will be here tomorrow. I hope to have plenty of food prepped by that time, and of course, I’ll be sure to send them home with some home-cooked meals.

Over the weekend, I’ll be sure to find some time to take it easy.

Donabe Cooking

For the past few weeks, I’ve been craving clay pot meals, and although I have a clay pot, I’m unsure where it could be. When my lovely daughter and I rearranged our entire home over months, it most likely got placed in a new location unless I accidentally gave it away.


Yokkaichi Banko-yaki Donabe Clay Pot – Elegant Autumn Leaf Earthenware Pot

It arrived this past Sunday. It’s a donabe handmade in Japan.

Since it arrived, I’ve already made two meals in my clay pot. I’ve always loved clay pot cooking.

Tagine-style Donabe Fukkura-san

I also have another donabe coming on Saturday. This type of donabe is mainly used for stir-frying and is handmade in Iga, Japan. I believe my first meal will be a Brussels sprout stir-fry.