6th annual Boumi carnival; Carnival fun = temporary wipeout… for me

My daughter has been looking forward to this day, it being the 6th annual Boumi Carnival. It’s the first Boumi Carnival that we’ve been too.

I was a bit leery taking her to another carnival, since I was still thinking about her unpleasant carnival experience when she was six years old.

She’s definitely not the thrill seeker  that I was at that age, I could share some crazy stunts I pulled just for the “rush” when I was nine-years old. No, my parents didn’t know about it at the time. I would sneak off and do them; Very hard to do under my mother’s eagle eyes. She was a stay at home mom, until my brother, and I was in our early teens; I was 15 he was 14.

But even with the prior carnival apprehensions, last week I went to the Boumi Shine, and bought advanced tickets. They were $10 off each ticket, which meant I was paying $10 per ticket, and  that purchase granted us an armband which allowed us to have unlimited rides. Yippee!

I don’t even want to know how much an armband purchase was at the door, since today I saw $20.00 only granted you about 35 tickets? 

I must say my daughter has improved with the rides; she loved them! And since we arrived as soon as it opened, we could get on anything she wanted.I still had to talk soothingly to her during the pirate ship type ride. She closed her eyes most of the time, and told me I was a nut to think this ride was “fine” she being way off the ground and all, but I’ll take that over screaming any day… yeah that’s what she did last time. Much to my surprise, she wanted to get on the Sea Ray (pirate ship type ride again).

I did purchase the obligatory stuffed animal. You know the type… toss a hoop, fish for stuff, shoot a water gun at a target, and be awarded a dollar store animal for an exorbitant fee. I’m not bitter, honestly. More important my daughter had a great time, and we went on almost all the rides at the carnival. I couldn’t talk her into getting on rides she deemed “too scary”… sighs… perhaps as she gets older she’ll be more like her thrill seeking momma? I still have images of us skydiving together after all. It’s one of the extreme sports that I’ve put on hold  since she’s been born.

The bottom line, my daughter had a blast at the 6th annual Boumi Carnival, but I’m wiped out. But to be fair, I wasn’t feeling the greatest today, but today being the last day of the carnival there was no way I was going to cancel on her. Tomorrow is another day, and after church, I’m not doing too much besides hanging out with her… and resting.

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Sounds like fun! Glad she’s doing better with the rides! I was just listening to the WIPE OUT version that The Beach Boys & The Fat Boys did back in the day! LOVE that remix!
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Hope you got some rest over the weekend and are feeling back to yourself! Good deal on the armbands at the carnival. I hate when everything is not included in the prices.
Teeni recently posted..Second Helping of Spam, Anyone?


The Ventures? Hah!!! That’s from my time…and the likes of people like Elvis the Pelvis. Haven’t been to a carnival for a long long time now – not quite the thing for me here as it is very hot…or wet.
suituapui recently posted..Chotto matte kudasai…