A bit behind…

I was hoping to have all the Passion Play costumes sewn by now, but it looks like I’ll just have them completed by this Saturday. Which is perfect since the first performance is Sunday evening. In all fairness I didn’t get the last set of measurements (angel costume) until this Monday.

Mary Magdalene’s costume was done and was worn at the full dress rehearsal last night. Christ’s resurrection robes will be finished by tomorrow. They would have been done by now, but I decided to tweak my own design a bit. Let’s say I received additional inspiration while watching the full dress rehearsal last evening.

This weekend, my nephew will be hanging out with us for a few days and so my daughter and I are both looking forward to spending time with him.

Here’s hoping I actually remember to take pictures of the remaining costumes before they are given to those who’ll wear them. At times, I get so caught up with the creation process that I forget to stop and take pictures.

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WOW! I knew you were busy! My fingers are crossed for ya!
Good luck!

Can’t wait to see what you are able to take pics of! Neat!
Sounds like a very busy weekend ahead! Stay safe!!!
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