A bit of camping…

In a few weeks, my daughter and I will be going on a camping trip. It’s with her Lutheran schools sixth grade class. I decided to come along as a parent volunteer. I’ve heard about this place since my daughter started attending in kindergarten. The students all have wonderful things to say about the experience so naturally my daughter is excited.

I’m excited, but I’m wondering how much sleep I’ll receive? I pray that it’s enough to keep up with the two sixth grade class. In total, it’s about 34 students. Checking the “what to bring list,” the only thing needed is hiking boots. I’ll be sure to purchase those soon, so my daughter has a chance to break them in a bit.

I’m happy to see that there is one bathroom per cabin. While I don’t mind roughing it at all. I don’t want to take my eyes off hormonal middle school girls for too long. 😉

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Enjoy yourselves! I can imagine how much fun that would be…plus the lovely cool weather there. Can’t imagine camping out in our tropical heat. 🙁
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I hope you have a great time!!!!! Can’t wait to hear about it!
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