A bit of fog


Fog 1

I enjoy foggy weather. Well, I don’t like driving in it, but the fog sets the perfect backdrop for some nice pictures, and wandering around in the haze.

Just don’t think about Stephen Kings’ book, The Mist. You never know what might be lurking in the haze.

Fog 2

These pictures were taken out back, overlooking our garden.

Most of our crops have been harvested. We still have some leeks, pumpkins, and the occasional tomato. However, everything else has been gathered, some of it has been given to loved ones, naturally some of the produce used in our meals, and the rest has been frozen to be used at a later time.

I enjoy gardening. the entire process excites me; planting the seeds, watching them grow, taking care of the crops, gathering, etc, We tend to share our crops with the wildlife; birds, deers, rabbits, and squirrels, etc., There’s plenty to share.

During the warmer months, you’ll usually see me gardening without gloves or shoes. I love the feel of the soil on my bare skin.(It doesn’t take much to make me happy). A simple pleasure yes, but it’s something I enjoy immensely.

Simple pleasures… I suspect we all have and enjoy them. What are some of yours?

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I love these scenes – the trees, bare or with their brown withered leaves, the mist surrounding them… As long as it does not rain, I’d love to go out and walk around – so serene, so calm. No wonder it has inspired so many poets to write about it – like Keats’ Ode to Autumn.
suituapui recently posted..I’ll never find another you…


Simple joys are walking on hiking trails – in the woods or in the deserts – also just sitting on my porch enjoying nice weather and reading a book. (and of course making quilts)
Karen recently posted..More Shades


Lovely Fog Pics! Simple Pleasures of mine? TEA! Crafting! Music! Computers – well, I guess computers aren’t really SIMPLE sometimes! LOL
Jennifer recently posted..Severe Degree of Fermentation Oolong from International Tea Farm Alliance/TeaFarms.org

Alexa Woods

Enjoying a foggy site is one of my simple pleasures in life. It’s dreamy. It’s relaxing. I just love it period. These photos look great πŸ™‚


That’s a beautiful foggy landscape and I love the fall colors too. Makes you feel blessed to be alive, to be able to witness all that beauty. Just noticed the Bach link in your comment. Thanks for spreading the word.
philip recently posted..The physical aspect of effortlessness

Beth Ellen Nagle

Love the photos. Misty, foggy mornings evoke contemplative solitude in me.


Although these photos a bit sad, they are beautiful. They bring all this mystery which I associate with fog:)
Anna recently posted..Tooth crowns – Is it worth destroying your teeth for it?


Hi there! I have today off but will be back to the grind tomorrow! I did a quick wall hanging this morning and am spending time with the furkids. Paco is resting still from his surgery yesterday. Poor baby! I have to take my other one to the vet for a recheck at 3. Hope you are having a nice day!
Jennifer recently posted..Hello Winter?


So pretty… Last night, on FB, a friend who left the SF Bay Area for middle america was lamenting the lack of fog horns there (she’d mistaken another noise for one ever so briefly and was homesick.) For me, the fog — and those fog horns bellowing– is one of those environmental queues that I’m home…

On another topic, will we be seeing you playing Star Wars: the Old Republic?
erika recently posted..Potato+Leek+Artichoke Casserole


@Opal, my WoW playtime is pretty minimal as well, though thanks to the many Fall in-game holidays, folks are seeing me on a bit more than I had been this Summer.
I’m super excited about SWTOR, and started up a new blog for it to keep it separate from the many years of WoW playing in the other blog.
Erika recently posted..WTB More Hours in the Day! (a minor lament)


Lovely pics! Wish we had more of a fall here, makes me nostalgic for it. It’s hot and muggy here today, yesterday I had a coat and hat on >.>
kaozz recently posted..Stormcraft


I also love the foggy whether! I enjoy the soft and wet feeling in the foggy day. But to my regret, there is little this kind of whether here. Also, we should have to be more careful when riding πŸ˜€
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