A new bed for my lovely daughter…

I’m exhausted, around 7:00 a.m. I was outside cutting grass with our manual lawnmower. It’s a nice workout, and something I’ll use when I know I can’t get to the gym. Once the grass was finished, I moved on to the next chore of the day… installing a new bed. Oh joy!

My parents purchased a futon bunk bed for their lovely granddaughter’s birthday. It arrived yesterday, and today my father and I installed it, with a bit of help from my daughter and mom. Six hours later… yes I said, six! It was finally installed. I will say, the directions left a lot to be desired. There were only two pictures and they weren’t the clearest. To further add to the annoyance factor, the sent too many of the wrong bolts, and the diagram picture was labelled incorrectly. Thankfully, I’ve always done well with putting items together and it’s the bed is finally complete and my daughter is sleeping in a brand-new bed.

My daughter’s room was also rearranged, much to her delight, and I must say it looks really nice. Tomorrow, after church, we’ll be doing some fun things for her room. She’s already asked if we could do a few fun crafty projects to make her room look like it’s from a “preteen magazine!” Part of the things she would like to do is make a bedspread for her bed. She’d like it to include machine embroidery. That’s doable! She also mentioned curtains. I told her we could add applique in a funky young theme. Boy did her eyes light up, when I said that. Of course, this will give me another excuse to use my brand new Brother ScanNCut.

In other news…

Yesterday, I had my ScanNCut cut a Dire Wolf. They are featured in the book Game of Thrones. I haven’t watched the series yet, only read the books. I tested out the design on paper. I loved how it turned out. Tomorrow, I’ll turn this into an applique design, but having the Brother ScanNCut, cut it out on fabric.  I’m thinking I’ll apply the Dire Wolf applique onto a pillow. I won’t use my embroidery machine for this task. My regular sewing machine is what’s needed. I’ll use satin stitch to tack the design onto the pillow form.

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WOW! Sounds like a another busy weekend for you! We purchase Game of Thrones on iTunes when it’s available – so far we haven’t gotten into this season YET. The series has some real strong characters and story lines that is for sure!
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No photo of the bed. Would love to see the room – must be really nice.
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