A new computer: Dell – Inspiron 23.8″ All-In-One – 1TB Hard Drive – Black/White

Saturday, we purchased a new computer from Best Buy.

Dell Inspiron 24
Dell – Inspiron 23.8″ All-In-One – 1TB Hard Drive

And while it was supposed to work out of the box, it didn’t. The wireless keyboard and mouse weren’t connecting, for whatever reason. Thank goodness for the touch screen feature, or I would have had even more of a challenge as I tried to solve the issue. I’m still getting used to the touch screen feature on my computer. Yes… I have it on my iPad, but I still find it “odd” to touch my computer screen. In time, I’ll adjust.

In other news…

The garden is coming along nicely and I’ll be sure to post pictures soon. Since we now have  desktop again, I’ll be posting on here a bit more. We do have a laptop, but outside of work, I rarely use it… and I dislike writing blog posts on my iPad.

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My last computer was an all-in-one…works well for what I am using it for at the moment 🙂
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