Adventures in Beekeeping: Warre Hive Assembly

Before too long, my honeybees will arrive and I’ll be a beekeeper. Hopefully the honeybees will stick around so I can share some of my newbie adventures in beekeeping.

You know what? I still haven’t assembled my beehive. I decided to hold off a bit longer until I purchased some Right Angle clamps. Right angle clamps make box making much easier.

Wolfcraft Right Angle Clamp
Wolfcraft 3415405 Right Angle Clamp; perfect for making boxes


After a bit of research I decided to purchase the Wolfcraft 3415405 Right Angle Clamp. I purchased two, I should receive them this Wednesday. This time around, I decided to forgo the raw linseed (aka flaxeed oil) instead I’ll use an oil based waterproof paint on the outside of the hive.  The inside of the hive, I don’t have to worry about since honeybees do an excellent job of waterproofing thanks to the propolis the honeybees collect from certain trees. Once the bees take it to the hive, the propolis is mixed with beeswax and the bees saliva to make it more malleable. They use it to waterproof and fill in gaps which will hopefully deter predators from gaining entrance into the hive.



I did purchase two pounds of organic beeswax to “paint” the inside of my Warre beehive. I mainly purchased that to make the new home appealing to the honeybees. Hopefully they’ll be happy with their new surroundings and make it their permanent home.

Fun Fact: My aunt told me that my great grandfather kept honeybees. She also said that he didn’t wear a bee suit.

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I keep forgetting to tell you there is a girl here was telling me that she had a honeybee hive in her yard and she has major allergies but didn’t want to just get rid of it because she was aware of how dangerously low our honeybee population has been the last few years. She took a few weeks and finally found someone to come and get it and relocate it to his land where he has honeybees and takes care of them there. She was so excited they found a safe, new home, locally!
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