Adventures in Cleansing: What types of enema should I purchase?

Another great video by April Goodwin on the type of enemas to use.


The type of enema I use is a 4 qt. enema bag. I mainly chose this style because it’s extremely portable.  I can easily fold it up and tuck it away for the next use.  After an enema, it’s sterilized and tucked away until the next time it’s needed.

The store bought solutions are something you should avoid. Here in the United States it’s typically the Fleet type enemas. Not only are they (usually) chemical based they don’t hold a lot of solution.  As Lori mentioned you can find the enema bag at Walgreens, Wal Mart, Target and a variety of other stores. I purchased my enema bag from Amazon, because of it’s size (4qt.) you don’t typically see these in your regular department stores. Knowing this I took my search online so I could purchase something larger than 2qt.  I don’t always use 4 qts with my enemas, but it’s there if I do want to make a larger enema solution.


I guess one slight annoyance for myself, is that some people assume that those who use enemas do it for sexual reasons and that’s not the case with me or many others that use them.  But that’s not something I dwell on, you know? Enemas are something that I was introduced to as a young child. Seeing the  amazing benefits, from a health standpoint, naturally I kept using them as an adult.

More recently, I saw the amazing benefits that enemas had with candida overgrowth. I was thrilled with how successful it was in that area. Not only is it used for people like myself who just need it for general maintenance or one of my  occasional flare-ups (candida), some people battling serious diseases like cancer, have successfully healed themselves by using ‘Gerson Therapy’ which involved daily enemas and other treatments to heal themselves of cancer.



  1. Mercola: Beautiful Truth About Outlawed Cancer Treatments
  2. National Cancer Institute: Questions and answers about Gerson Therapy
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