Adventures in crafting: Knitting and sewing

If you were to make a surprise visit to our home (on a evening or weekend) you’d find our home buzzing with creative activities.

Daughter sewing tablet case_2
This is my computerized Brother PC 420. You don’t have to use the foot peddle with this machine, you just press a button and the machine will sew for you, but my daughter loves the foot peddle!


Naturally, I’m one proud mamma! She handled my Brother PC-420 like a pro.

Daughter sewing tablet case_1


The most recent project my daughter completed was a case for her Wacom Splash tablet. You can see her sewing the fabric (the wrong sides are showing) in the above photos.

She’s been thrilled with how quickly she’s advanced with her sewing. I told her that her first “big project” could be leggings. She wears those a lot.

Jade-first sewn pillowcase_2
Guess who?
Jade-first sewn pillowcase_1
Sewing project: My daughter is proud of her pillow case!


Before sewing the tablet cover, she completed the above pillow case. Notice a theme? My daughter loves pink.

My daughter didn’t use a pattern for her two sewing projects. I had her measure the pillow and tablet, write the measurements on paper and then I helped her draft a pattern from that. She was thrilled with how simple it was to complete. I did tell her that pattern drafting can get complicated, but once you’re comfortable with doing them, it’s no big deal. It just takes practice and it’s important to not rush… take your time!


Knitting - Checkered cowl_3


She wasn’t the only one working on crafts. You could see me knitting the checkered cowl.

Knitting - Checkered cowl_3
Knitting: Knitting the final rows of my checkered cowl.


If I work on it today, I should be finished since I only have about six rows to knit.

Whomever is the recipient will have a nice cowl. I used my size 4 Hiya Hiya knitting needles with worsted wool. Because of the small needles used, it’s made the fabric dense. Which will be perfect for keeping out the cold.

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Such a beautiful family – you two! She’s so talented! Just like her mom! Great projects!
Jennifer recently posted..Green Garlic, Weather, Leftovers, Cancer Sucks, Buying Bulk, Bangkok Rice Crisps, Daiya Wildtree Nacho Cheese, Raw(ish) Vegan Vodka Sauce,


Awesome! I hope it stays that way! That age is so hard but she’s a special girl so I know she will handle it well! 🙂
Jennifer recently posted..My Many Mason Jars & The Vineyard is GREEN


I think I made my first pillow case in my late teens or early 20’s. All the sewing I did with the machine in the house was mostly to alter my shirts to make them more body-hugging. Those were the days when I was slim and trim… Sobssss!!!!!!
suituapui recently posted..Bad reputation…

curls and q

Q – Wonderful! I had my granddaughter sew leggings when I visited Hawaii in March. Great minds!
curls and q recently posted..Pretties In The Mail