Adventures in Driving: My daughter’s learning to drive

At times it’s hard to believe that my daughter is learning to drive. It seems like just the other day when she was a toddler and now she’s 16 years old and is learning to drive! I must say that she’s doing well and is a cautious driver which means there haven’t been any white-knuckled incidents for myself. I haven’t taken her into the city yet to drive on narrow streets and she hasn’t been on the highway, however, that will be coming soon. I honestly didn’t think she’d be ready to learn how to drive yet, mainly because (at times) she can get lost in her own little world and occasionally, it’s at the wrong time. Of course, in my mind, I was thinking of that happening while she was driving, but she’s proven me wrong. She stays focused and I’m thrilled with that. So, for the first time, my Prius has a new driver. I did tell her it feels odd sitting in the passenger seat.

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That’s a very nice car. My girl has a license but she has not had a lot of practice, around 6 years teaching in a school in the jungle and staying there. I used to send her there and bring her home on weekends. Now she’s teaching in the town – I send her and pick her up after work every day, not a problem. Ours is a very very small town…and being retired, I haven;t much else to do with my time.

Good luck to your girl in her driving.
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I can’t believe my daughter will be driving soon too!
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WOW! I can remember her as a toddler! That is right around when we ‘met’. You are my longest blogging buddy that is for sure! I treasure that! I enjoy hearing about her growing up! Time flies! 16 already! WOWZA!
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