Adventures in Knitting: Lined Thrummed hat

I finished the lined thrummed hat that knitted for my father.

This is the hat that I made to replace the hat I’d knitted for him last Christmas Eve. You can find more on why I waited until Christmas Eve at that link. My father loves that hat and it’s starting to show a lot of wear. I thought knitting this hat would be a suitable upgrade. It took a bit longer than some of the hats I’ve knitted in the past.

Knitted lined thrummed hat_1.12.21.13
Knitting: Thrummed lined hat, you can see some of the roving yarn peeking out of of the hats brim

That’s mostly due to the fact that it was lined (which you might as well say is knitting another hat) and I added thrumming to the hat also.

Knitted lined thrummed hat_2.12.21.13
Look at all that roving yarn

This hat is made out of wool and it is squishably soft and warm. The roving yarn, which is used for thrumming, can’t be seen once that hat was completed since it’s sandwiched between the knitted hat exterior and the hats lining.

Knitted lined thrummed hat_1.12.22.13

This hat was boxed and set aside for Christmas wrapping. I’m thinking about weaving my father a scarf, but that might just be wishful thinking on my part. We’ll see, how much time I have to complete that.

I included a video about thrumming when I first wrote about this project and I’m including it again in this post.

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Oh! This is wonderful! Looks so warm! Great job! I know he will LOVE it 🙂
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