Adventures in Knitting: Signature Convertible Needles

I haven’t been on Ravelry in a while. There’s been so much going on in my life that I really haven’t had the time to add that to the equation…


Signature convertible needles
Signature convertible needles


This past weekend, I logged onto Ravelry, and learned that Signature needles were now offering detachable cables. Unlike the “interchangeable cables” that can be swapped between needles sizes. The only changing you’ll be doing with Signature knitting needles, is swapping cable length. Signature needles are calling these needles “Signature convertible knitting needles.”

To be honest, that’s a whole lot less appealing (at least for me) than the  interchangeable cables but I might pick up one needle size since I do love the Stiletto points. I will say, that the Signature points are a tiny bit sharper than my Interchangeable Hiya Hiya Steel Sharp needles. But I don’t see myself replacing my Hiya Hiya Steel Sharp set. I love the quality of my Hiya Hiya’s and use them exclusively for all my knitting projects.

Signature knitting needles are a bit pricey, purchasing one will cost me a little over $40. But I’m perfectly happy with spending a bit more for a quality item. After all, the items I choose for the various crafts I do are expected to last a long time.

In other news…

I’ve almost completed the “checkered cowl.”  This is my own pattern, I think I have about twelve more rows to do. I’ll definitely post pictures once it’s complete.

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