All the way from Malaysia…

Friday evening my daughter told me “I had a lumpy letter with lots of stamps…”

I had no idea what she was talking about, but promised her I’d take a look as soon as I was finished cleaning.

Surprise from Malaysia_2


As soon as I walked towards the package I knew who it was from, Suituapui’s! He lives in Malaysia!

If you haven’t strolled over to Suituapui’s virtual planet, you’re really missing out. He has a very active community and he keeps his readers entertained with all the delicious foods and the entertaining stories that accompany them.


Surprise from Malaysia_1


My daughter and I loved the items that were included. Thank you, Suituapui! I’m going to laminate the poems so they can be “bookmarks.” My daughter and I read a lot, and this way we’ll  always have something to remind us of our Malaysian blogging pal. My daughter saw the turtle magnet and promptly claimed it for her own. She loves turtles. She’s already added the postcard to her scrapbook.



When I first heard that suituapui lived in Sibu I instantly thought of the Song of the Cebu. I was pronouncing “Sibu” as “Cebu”.  When my daughter was younger it was one of her favorite Veggie Tales songs.

Thanks so much suituapui, for the lovely items, you added a bright spark to my already sparkling day!

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I will have to check that out! Sounds interesting! I used to have over 120 penpals from around the world while I was in High School 🙂 I miss it!

And I got into Veggie Tales when I was in college! LOVE them!
Jennifer recently posted..Surprisingly Vegan Waffle Mix, Apple Cranberry Flavored Waffles, Wine and Waffles!


Ah!!! Glad it has arrived safely! Will see what else I can send next. Because of the distance, I can only send something small…or the postage may cost a fortune but as they say, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Hah!!! I liked the turtle magnet too – so cute with the baby turtle on top. When I bought it, it kind of reminded me of you and your girl.

I got the postcard from a hotel in Sabah – a neighbouring state in Malaysia. I put that in too so the envelope would be less “lumpy”.

Cebu is in the Philippines. When I was coming home from the UK once, the counter lady at Heathrow tagged all my bags “Cebu” – I had to get her to change the tags. The pronunciation is the same but not the spelling – Sibu VS Cebu…and we’re in different countries.

Happy you and your girl like what I sent. Cheers, Opal!
suituapui recently posted..Big balls…


@Opal, Oh no! You shouldn’t trouble yourself. I really love giving things to people – but postage these days can be killing…so if I need to send, it would have to be something small so it will not cost a lot. Honestly, I do not expect anything in return other than the joy of giving and sharing.
suituapui recently posted..Another time, another place…