Another Bike Ride: Breast cancer benefit

A few weeks ago, I posted that I finally had a chance to ride on the BF’s motorcycle. Well, this weekend, I’ll have another opportunity since this Saturday we’ll be participating in the first breast cancer benefit.

His friends girlfriend is a breast cancer survivor. From what the BF said, the trip should take about 1.5 hours. We’ll end the time at a restaurant. We’ll mainly be traveling back roads. I’m really looking forward to this occasion since it’ll give me a chance to meet some of his friends, and more importantly the lady behind the benefit. Hopefully, we’ll be able to take plenty of pictures.

I’m praying that the weather is nice since this event is happening rain or shine. I have no desire to ride, on a motorcycle, in the rain! No thanks… I think I’ll pass on that. People drive crazy enough when the conditions are nice, why add rain to the mix? 😉

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My BIL does a lot of biking for charity. We have a lot of them around here for various fundraisers! I bet you will have a great time!
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