Happy Mother’s Day 2024!

Two years ago, my mother passed away on Mother’s Day.

The anniversary of her death was May 8. It’s been a time of reflection and self-care; however, I enjoy life but miss my parents daily. We lost both of them in 20022, three months and nine days apart from each other. My mom passed away first, and my father died in August.

My parents would be happy with what my brother and I did. The gardens she loved still live on through me. I enjoy gardening, too. My flower garden now surpasses the one she had. Yesterday was a busy day outside doing yard work, and today, I’m taking it easy—resting up since I have a busy work week ahead.

I’m looking forward to a few packages arriving today: Chiagoo Twist Red Lace Interchangeable 5″ (13cm) knitting needles and the ChiaoGoo Twist Stainless Steel Interchangeable Set, 4-inch (10cm) Mini (mainly used for knitting delicate lace and sock needles). I’ve been a Hiya Hiya fan for many years; back then, I was looking at Hiya Hiya, ChiaGoo, and Signature knitting needles. I ultimately decided on Hiya Hiya based on a knitting blogger I followed; however, I’ve heard many good things about ChiaGoo and decided to try them. We’ll see which one I like the best. I wish all the mothers a wonderful day.


Edited to add…

I forgot to add that for Mother’s Day, my lovely daughter presented me with laminated flowers. She’d selected them from a few of my flower gardens and used the flower pressing kit she purchased a little while ago.


Another Donabe and Saturday Meal Prep

Like many others, this past week has been extremely busy. However, I still made meals on some of those days and wisely prepped meals; it’s been a week of donabe cooking. Also myTagine-style (it’s like a skillet) Donabe Fukkura-san, which I purchased from Toiro Kitchen, arrived on Monday. It was handmade in Iga, Japan. I love its shape and have made three clay pot meals in my newest donabe. I’ll prepare meals in at least one of my clay pots this weekend. Recently, because of how busy I have been with work, the weekends have become my time to catch up and knock out a lot of meal prep.

Since I’m home for the rest of the day, I plan to take it easy… besides doing some meal prep. In a few hours, I plan to make lasagna and flautas.

Early this morning, I ordered more meal prep glass containers, which arrived a few hours later. Of course, I ordered them from Amazon.

My brother and nephew will be here tomorrow. I hope to have plenty of food prepped by that time, and of course, I’ll be sure to send them home with some home-cooked meals.

Over the weekend, I’ll be sure to find some time to take it easy.

Donabe Cooking

For the past few weeks, I’ve been craving clay pot meals, and although I have a clay pot, I’m unsure where it could be. When my lovely daughter and I rearranged our entire home over months, it most likely got placed in a new location unless I accidentally gave it away.


Yokkaichi Banko-yaki Donabe Clay Pot – Elegant Autumn Leaf Earthenware Pot

It arrived this past Sunday. It’s a donabe handmade in Japan.

Since it arrived, I’ve already made two meals in my clay pot. I’ve always loved clay pot cooking.

Tagine-style Donabe Fukkura-san

I also have another donabe coming on Saturday. This type of donabe is mainly used for stir-frying and is handmade in Iga, Japan. I believe my first meal will be a Brussels sprout stir-fry.

Happy Easter

I’m hoping you all have a wonderful Sunday!

I’m enjoying my day with my lovely daughter. There were no elaborate meals today. I made steamed corn and also cut up pineapple and honeydew melon.

I purchased a D5 Stainless Polished 5-ply Bonded Cookware, a Steamer Set, 3 quart, and a

About an hour ago, Milwaukee M18 FUEL 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Belt Sander W/M18 12.0 ah Battery. I have a few upcoming posts over the next few weeks. My brother and nephew visited yesterday, and we all had a wonderful time as a family.

Homemade Lasagna

It’s been several months since I made lasagna; however, I made lasagna for my daughter on Saturday.

Veggie Lasagna

I love shell lasagna; however, that was not in stock, so the store substituted the shell pasta with the sheet pasta. We went out yesterday to pick up the additional ingredients for my veggie lasagna. When going to a store, I typically take advantage of the curbside pick-up, and yesterday was no exception. How was the lasagna? My daughter called the lasagna “juicy,” one of her favorite terms for food she likes. Since it was only the two of us, there was plenty of lasagna left over. I placed the remaining lasagna in meal-sized portions and had her put them in our chest freezer. This is perfect; when I don’t feel like preparing a meal, we can always get an already-prepared meal from our freezer.

I’m busy, busy, dreadfully busy…

My goodness, where has the time gone? The title of my post sums up the past few months for me and makes me think of the Veggie Tales song. My daughter loved that cartoon when she was a toddler.

I blink, and a few weeks pass. I’m back at work and will move to full-time later this month. Even though I’m part-time, the four working hours have flown by. In addition, I’ve taken on more responsibilities when my boss has been out. I volunteered, immensely enjoying that interaction (leading out meetings) with my teammates.

It’s a rainy Saturday here; I started my day with devotions and walking for one hour and 40 minutes on my Peloton Treadmill.

Damsel on Netflix

I walked while watching Damsel on Netflix. Netflix is one of the entertainment options available to stream on Netflix, and since I was invited into the beta months ago, most of my Peloton time has been spent walking while watching something being streamed. I must say, it’s about the only time that I watch any movie.

Fantasy Hike – virtual step app

Towards the end of last week, I discovered Fantasy Hike!


From the website…

“Fantasy Hike is a beautiful walking tracker for fantasy nerds and everyone that loves adventure. Start your quest today. All steps you take will let your halfling avatar progress through a beautiful fantasy adventure, from your comfy halfling hole all the way to Mount Fire. Compete with your friends and see their progress in the fantasy world and on the map.

See how far you’ve walked since your journey started. Fantasy Hike lets you appreciate and be proud of your complete walking distance. Walk your dog, take a morning jog, or “run” between meeting rooms. No matter what you are doing Fantasy Hike supports and motivates you to a healthy lifestyle.”

Fantasy Hike – Day #4

Today was the longest time I have been on the treadmill since last week, so I have not gone too far; however, I plan to make up for that this weekend, and I should be back to my hour per day moving forward.