Away for Independence Day

Isn’t it Interesting how our best made plans, sometimes doesn’t work out as we’d like? When my daughter was born, I realized quickly that at times, plans will change.

My daughter and I will be away for the holidays, and while I’d planned on having advance posts for every day I’m away. It’s not working out that way. Outside of checking mail, phone calls, and sending a quick email to the lovely Kaozz, I haven’t been on the computer.

Bags are packed, guinea pigs are prepped, errands have been run, and I got a chance to check with a few of my friendly neighbors too. No, no time to do advance posting here. It’s always nice to take a break from the normal routine and do something different. I plan to relax, spend time with family, and soak up the sun rays by the water. We have a condo that overlooks the waterfront.

For those within the United States, I’m hoping you have safe and enjoyable holiday.



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Janet McDonald

How was your Holiday?
We had a good one went to see Eclipse and chilled out later on subs! Watched some fireworks in the neighborhood.


@Janet McDonald – Our holiday was great! It sounds like you had a great time too. 🙂