Our newest furbaby is Bella. We’ve had her since March? She’s a Bichon Frise/Poodle mix… a BichPoo. I think I mentioned we received her from my brother and his family. My nickname for her is Bells a Bub… get it, Beelzebub?

In many ways she reminds me of Lalita, my Maltese; however, she has much more energy! Which is hard to believe and she’s extremely intelligent. I did not think any of my dogs could surpass Lalita in those two areas, but Bella has.

Bella our BichPoo


Last evening, my daughter made this cute caption and sent it to me. It made me laugh!


My daughter loves dressing the little princess


And even though she is super duper intelligent, Bella is one willful doggie and has absolutely refused to go potty outside, until recently and within a matter of days, she’s been using the bathroom exclusively outside. In a later post, I’ll be sure to write about what we did to get her to go outside.

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She’s adorable!
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OMG! So cute! We hope to sign the official adoption papers on Cricket this week! She’s doing great!
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LOL!!! That’s one lovely doggie there!
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