Bento Supplies; Mustard and ketchup containers

I’ve been slacking on posting some of the lunches that my daughter has been taken in her Zojirushi lunch jar. She hasn’t grown tired of it, it’s quite the opposite, she loves taking hot lunches daily and hasn’t wanted to purchase Wednesday’s school lunch (pizza from delivered from a local restaurant) since I purchased her lunch jar. I must say that’s very impressive, because the local restaurant does make a fairly decent pizza.

My daughter’s school lunch is filled with the leftovers from the home cooked meals that I prepare throughout the week. She loves that she isn’t eating cold/lukewarm lunches anymore and I’m thrilled that I don’t have to make special meals that are suitable to eat cool/lukewarm.

Besides the Zojirushi lunch jar, I did purchase some additional bento supplies, they were mainly purchased so that she could carry her condiments. The sauce bottles I purchased are adorable, but they only work well with liquids, such as soy sauce.  Of course, that meant I was hunting for a suitable container for thicker sauces.

Bento-Mayo and Ketchup bottle

I believe we have a winner! The Japanese Kitchen Bento Ketchup Mayo Dressing Bottles! Judging by their description, they appear to be made for thicker sauces. They’re also adorable! Just look at them. I like industrial/functional but my daughter loves ‘cutesy’ items. Of course, I purchased these containers since I know it’ll please her. I haven’t told her about them, so this will be a small surprise for her, when she opens her lunch.

They haven’t arrived yet, so I can’t say how we’ll like these containers, but when we do receive them, I’ll be sure to test them out myself and also get a review from my daughter.


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LOL!!! Oooooo…they’re so cute! Very nice!
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These are SO CUTE!
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