Beware of those who wield pointy hooks and needles

I had to chuckle at this…

Crochet comic

I haven’t met too many Opals. I met only one in real life, she happened to work in the same building, when I worked out of the home. I rarely see the name used, so it’s nice to stumble across the name… even if it is in a comic strip. That being said, I do like the fact that my name isn’t common.


Photo Source: Pickles Comic Strip

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Cute comic. 🙂

I had 2 cousins named Opal so it has always been kind of a common name to me even though aside from you, I can’t think of a single other Opal. Weird, huh? 🙂
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curls and q

Q – Pickles is one of Hubs and my favorite comic strips! He reads it every day and points out the ones that seem as if the artist has our home bugged! Love this one! I posted about the fabric featuring Opal and Earl, about her being a material girl! Really should have purchased it to make a pillow case for the hubs. 😎

My sister, Lindsay, was named when girls were not given that name, it was before Lindsay Wagner actress. She’d get her class schedules and was always enrolled in boy’s PE classes! She HATED the name. Now that it’s become a common girl’s name she likes it. She was actually named after my dad’s grandfather, Linzy Oldham.

Opals are one of my favorite gems, so I like your name! Wonderful! Quite unlike my common name. In my 4th grade class there were 7 Susans! We each had to come up with an alternative name, mine was Susie-Q. Thus “Q”.
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Beth Ellen Nagle

Totally cute. 🙂