Birthday dinner: Baked ziti for us…

Garfield-happy-birthday-whenever-it-wasOf course, I did not forget my daughter’s birthday; however, I did not write about it here on her actual birth date.

This past Thursday, my daughter turned twelve. For lunch, I brought donuts for her sixth grade class. Her classmates were thrilled and even sang Happy Birthday to her, much to her embarrassment, although she was secretly pleased.

My birthday celebration for her (was held at home) was a small affair and my daughter was happy with that. The BF had plans of coming out on that day; however, he was stuck in a ton of traffic, that would have delayed him by at least an hour. We are an hour apart. He called (on his way to see us) and told me that he was going to surprise us (I figured he would) but had to turn around and head home because of the heavy traffic. It would have put him out our way about a few short hours before my daughter’s bedtime. He felt terrible.

But he made up for it the very next day…

He came to see us and brought gifts for the birthday princess. Art supplies for my daughter conveniently housed in a plastic storage container. My daughter was thrilled. He drove us to his place and he proceeded to make baked ziti for my daughter and me. I tried to assist, but he told me politely, but firmly to sit down and “let me make dinner for you for a change, ok.” I listened. It was my daughter’s second birthday dinner. She felt super special.

Pete baked ziti 5.23.15
The BF preparing the baked ziti for my daughter’s birthday

He did a wonderful job. I do think the sauce had meat in it, although there was plenty of pasta and veggies to make me happy.

Pete baked ziti_2 5.23.15
Placing the Ziti into the oven

Overall, I was thrilled with what he had done and it certainly was a healthy meal. My daughter must have liked it also, since she had more. She’s not vegetarian/vegan although she will happily consume whatever I put in front of her and be extremely happy. I’ve taught her well.

Dessert for the Birthday girl

A few hours later, we walked to Milo’s for ice cream. They have a stand at the back of the restaurant. My daughter loves ice cream and so she was thrilled! Milo’s is about a mile or so away from his home. The trek took us through the older part of New Market, which is lovely with it’s old buildings. My daughter was thrilled with everything that Mr. Pete did for her on her birthday. Did I say how much I love this man? Of course, I expect him to treat me well. I would not be with him if he didn’t; however, it’s the way he treats my daughter that has me impressed. Again, I would not be with him if he didn’t treat her well or include her in our outings. The fact that he loves her, makes it even better. Again, that’s not an option. We are a package deal after all. Bonus points is that she loves him too, although most times, she’s still to shy to tell him that. πŸ˜‰

Daughter and me 5.23.15

The BF loves taking pictures of my daughter and me. Sighs… I really dislike having my picture taken.

I will admit, that it felt odd not cooking. I did not know what to do with myself, heh! But… I think I COULD get used to it now and again…

Hiya Hiya knitting needles

In other news…

I DID not finish my daughter’s knitted amigurumi in time for her birthday. In fact, I didn’t even start knitting it yet. The past few years, I’ve knitted an amigurumi toy for her birthday.Β  I decided to let her choose the type of amigirumi that she wants me to knit. She has and the design she chose means I needed to purchase additional yarn and a special type of “eye” for the knitted toy. Oh well, she’s not disappointed and is super excited that she’ll have another knitted stuffed animal.

Also, I made my first item for the BF. A knitted dishtowel. It’s made of super absorbent cotton. I forgot to take the picture, and so he promised me he would do that so I could post it here.


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Pete J

It was MY pleasure to serve dinner to you two lovely ladies, and give you the opportunity to finally relax. Even though it is not your nature to sit still for more than 6 seconds at a tiime….LOL! I love you both very, very much and hope you enjoyed a fun Memorial Day weekend! β™‘


Oh! Sounds like a wonderful time! I see that Pete commented here,too! Hello Pete! I’ve heard so much about you! ALL GOOD things of course!!!! You two are so cute! I’m so glad you are enjoying all of the time spent with each other! Looking forward to seeing more photos of the 3 of you!
Jennifer recently posted..$1 Vegan Cookbook Surprise Finds! Yay!

Pete J.

Jennifer, Thank you for the very kind words! I can’t express enough just how much that I absolutely adore Aynaria! Ask her. When most ladies knit or crochet, most guys tune out, pick up the remote, and off to LA LA land they go. I am absolutely mezmerized! I can’t take my eyes from her “flying fingers”! I find it amazing. Especially when it seems she’s doing it so effortlessly, or not even looking at what she’s doing. She made me a washcloth over the weekend. The most sentimental thing about it is that I was right there next to my love when she knitted it! Love you, Aynaria! Thanks for just being YOU!!



You two are too cute! I think he’s a keeper! Very sweet!
Jennifer recently posted..Things Have Been Pretty ‘Cheesy’ Lately


Wowwwwww!!!!! That’s a gorgeous looking pie! And there’s nothing sexier than one hunky guy who cooks, bet you’d agree, Opal? πŸ˜€
suituapui recently posted..Africa…


[…] the baked ziti post, my BF made the above comment. He really seems fascinated with the whole knitting process and spent […]

Pete J

I just want to thank all of you for the very kind words! Aynaria, you better not wait for me 10 at that hat, until the times when I am watching. Remember, I do need it by winter time! Lol.

Pete J

you really should get started. there’s a whole lot of brain to squeeze inside that hat. and you better not make any big head jokes! Hahaha

Pete J

I can’t stop laughing!! However, I somehow don’t think that would go over very well (for me) if I wore that to the prisons to conduct hearings! I might get sold for a box of Little Debbie snack cakes!! LOLLL!!!

Pete J

I was just in there to admire your beauty!

MAN! I ALMOST kept a straight face too!