Black beekeepers…

I find it fascinating to view beekeeping practices throughout the world

The above video is a clip about Kenyan beekeepers.


Facing angry bees: Bravery makes the man…

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a reader wondering if there were any “Black beekeepers”.  Perhaps they thought to ask me since I’m obviously not “White.”  Also, I have been talking about acquiring my own bees? Well, I don’t know all the “Black folks” on the planet, but  I was able to tell my reader that my father and others in his neighborhood collected wild honey from a tree located in the nearby woods. Additionally as a child, he knew someone who kept bees, and yes they were Black.

That email brought about an interesting discussion between us, they chatted about the low representation of minorities and beekeeping here in the USA. I know there are “Black beekeepers” and other minorities out there, but I have no idea how large that group would be.

I can speculate that some of them are put off by the beekeeping literature that shows pictures of a predominately White/Caucasian community, and chose to forgo beekeeping events. Also, not everyone likes attending those sorts of things. I’m used to standing out in the crowd and don’t hesitate to attend any event that interests me regardless if I’m the only one of my race being represented. Sometimes I wonder how many others are willing to attend events where they might be in the minority?


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I agree with you totally – if it interests me – I’m THERE – regardless! I’ve always been this way! Since an early age!

For example…I started collecting Baseball Cards when I was 7. It was something my father and I enjoyed doing together! I was VERY involved in it! I still am – but in a different way. Back then – it was the 80s and there were Sports Trading Card Shows at large convention centers all over the place! My father and I would go! Back then…it was rare for a female to attend – let alone – a CHILD ‘girl’ to go. Many of the men who were vendors thought it was “cute” that I was there and sometimes gave me ‘deals’ – little did they know how much I KNEW about collecting those cards! AFTER getting the deal I would have a lovely conversation with most of them and they would turn to my father and say “WOW – this kid really knows her stuff!”

Looking back – it was almost like a “hustle” in pool/billiards – but it allowed me to learn, meet people, and build my collection NICELY 🙂

This is one of many things I have been interested in and attended and have been the one who has stood out in a crowd.

One of my favorite things in life is diversity! When I went to college – that was my favorite thing about it! I remember being in my computer class and sitting in between of a two people…one was an 81 year old woman who just started going back to school and the other was a 17 year old High School Boy who was also taking College Classes while attending HS who was adopted from India at a young age.

I love learning about people! Their backgrounds, their families, interests, philosophies, etc…but then again you know that – we have that in common and have chatted about it in the past 🙂

Stereotypes annoy/irritate me! They always have! I try my very best to stand out/speak against them.

WOW! That was a bit of a ramble on my part – sorry! LOL 🙂
But, yes! I totally agree with you and conversations and stories like this from others fascinate me as I have often done the same thing and have been in similar situations!
Jennifer recently posted..Cheesy Tahini Sauce, Turkish Bean & Mushroom Stirfry, Berry Smoothie, and Hungry For A Change


I hear ya, Opal! I hear ya! 🙂
Totally know what you are saying!
Jennifer recently posted..Cheesy Tahini Sauce, Turkish Bean & Mushroom Stirfry, Berry Smoothie, and Hungry For A Change


I guess beekeeping belongs to the traditions of civilized human life which nearly all races know. I read about painings in Spain which proof that humans started beekeeping at least 12.000 years ago. It’s a very fascinating topic.