Blooming Tea Flowers

Besides water, herbal teas are what I consume most. I drink them several times weekly. Hot or cold, they’re always a welcome addition. I’m a member of a tea forum, because of that, I’ve become interested in blooming tea flowers. Some of the ones I’ve seen remind me of small kelp balls, and when hot water hits them, they unfurl to reveal a beautiful flower. While looking at them, I quickly realized that I could easily make those myself at home with the various edible flowers and herbs that I grow on our property, and I look forward to doing just that next year. However, until that time, I do believe that I will try some of the tea blooms myself.

This morning, I ordered this lovely glass teapot, and I’ll receive two tea flowers along with the teapot. It should arrive tomorrow morning by 8:00 am.

The description says,

GIFT SET INCLUDES TWO BLOOMING TEAS. The Celebration Teapot comes with two Teabloom jasmine-infused blooming tea flowers – also perfect for loose-leaf tea, teabags and fruit-infused waters. As a gift for a special person – or yourself! – this is a tasteful choice that shows how much you care.

I cannot wait to get my glass teapot and to try out the blooming teas for myself. This evening, I received two different tea blends from Tiesta Tea; Blueberry Wild Child, Loose Leaf Blueberry Hibiscus Herbal Tea, and Lavender Chamomile tea. My daughter and I tried the Blueberry Wild Child tea, and we adored the deliciously fragrant tea. We loved the delicate taste and the floral sweetness of this blend.

I’m looking forward to having another cup soon. I’m also looking forward to my much-loved hibiscus tea petals. I order them in bulk. That should arrive tomorrow morning also.

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Jennifer Bliss

You know I LOVE Tea! Blooming Tea or Flowering Teas are gorgeous AND tasty!