Bountiful harvest

Since we love tomatoes, I made sure I planted a lot. Before my workday started this morning, I was out in the garden, harvesting my heirloom tomatoes.

I picked a little over half of this five-gallon bucket full of tomatoes. After washing and cleaning the tomatoes, I placed a whole bucket in my large roaster.

Tomatoes were added to my electric roaster.

I rinsed off these tomatoes during my break (I work from home) and added them to my large electric roaster. I’ll let them cook down overnight, and perhaps tomorrow, they’ll be ready for me to turn into spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce. Once that’s complete, I’ll be canning the tomatoes. Plenty of tomatoes are in the garden, just waiting to ripen. I’ll gather more for us; however, I’ll also share with loved ones.

About an hour ago, I saw that my MockMill Professional 200 Stone GrainMill had shipped. I should be receiving it later this week! I don’t eat too much bread or pasta, and when I do eat either, I’m very particular about the type I eat or make since most of the stuff at the typical big box grocery stores doesn’t agree with me and will make me bloated. No thanks. I don’t have that issue when preparing my bread or getting it from specialty stores where the breads are freshly ground and baked as they should be. I know that freshly ground flour that has everything is not an issue, so I’m looking forward to finally grinding my own grains.

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Gosh! That sure is a lot! The weather here is very hot these days, a lot hotter than usual. My missus’ tomato plants dried up so she got rid of all of them. Hopefully, it gets a bit cooler soon so she can plant some more.