Brewing and crafting

During my down time, which I don’t seem to have much of, but I’m not complaining… I’ve been squeezing in a few moments to do some hand crafting.

Water Kefir Soda 11.13.14
Kombucha and kefir soda

I have been making some hand crafted items and of course I’ve been staying on top of my ferments; kombucha, water kefir soda and fermented vegetables.


Embroidered Bag_ICL 1 11.20.14

Oh… I finished that little embroidered bag that I made for my daughter. I decided not to purchase ribbon and chose to crochet a cord for her. See?

Embroidered Bag_ICL 2 11.20.14

I liked it so much, that I decided to make another. Can you see the difference? It’s nothing major. With this bag, I do believe I’ll knit an icord. It appears that my daughter likes it to and has asked to swap bags. She’s already has placed the first bag into her book bag.



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That’s an adorable bag! It’d make a great project bag.

Cheers on the brewing, I’ve been seeing posts about kombucha and kefir brewing, I think I need to go research the benefits.
Nicky recently posted..Winter Lips


Opal, I have been giving some thought to what you said about the fermented coffee– Think I may want to give it a try– where do I start and what do I need?


I like Wholesome Sweeteners! They are a good company! OH!!!! Almost forgot to ask…have you tried Coconut Kefir yet!?
Jennifer recently posted..Caturday, FurFamily, & Wine


Wholesome Sweeteners – I saw the label on the bag of Organic/Natural Sugar you used in the background 🙂 Sorry should have mentioned that – now I realize how random and off topic it sounded! LOL – sorry about that!
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Ok ready to try some of this out– make sure you let me know your favorites!